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#MaryQueenofScots opens in NY & LA this Friday, everywhere December 21st. 👑👑
@portermagazine 💛
@harpersbazaarus 💙
My rad friend @katharina_aries made a rad short film - link in bio so you can check it out!! @bloodyhellfilm
Beautifully said @phoebejtonkin 🙌 “...I do not get to be part of shaping this country, I hope one day I will be, but many of you here can, so exercise your rights to be heard and to change the trajectory of where this country unfortunately is heading. And go VOTE. Your vote decides the fate of the environment, of the basic rights and liberties every person deserves, no matter their race, religion, gender or status.

You have influence, no matter how many followers you have..
Your vote is your influence. 
So just do it, form an opinion, educate yourself, listen, and be part of a revolutionary change in power. Vote! Do it!”
#MaryQueenOfScots 👑 👑