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“Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life”

Many of you have been asking me if I’m competing anytime soon & my answer is: “NO”😮
I am currently focusing on my health & getting back in tune with my body.
I was on prep & competing non-stop for several years & my body just had enough😪

My relationship with food, hunger & satisfaction was out of wack.
I was putting too much pressure on myself.
I was unhappy & stressed out all the time.
I just wasn’t enjoying this passion anymore & I needed a break to heal.
It was such a hard decision to make because I was already qualified for @mrolympiallc & I had goals of placing better then I did in 2016 & 2017 but I knew I would not be able to do that this year because of what I have been struggling with.

I am now allowing myself to get some curves back & letting go of my obsession to be in or close to contest shape.
I am focusing on listening to my body & being healthy🤗

This is how I look like right now & I am feeling soooo much better!
Im working as a personal trainer at @sporthusid , Im not training as much as I did, I recently finished an acting seminar at Leiktækniskóli Þorstein Bachman & @magnusjonsson1111 which was AMAZING, I go to 12 step meetings every day, I’m working the steps, I eat what ever I want & I am getting more healthy every day!

I don’t know when I will step on the #IFBB stage again but I will for sure let you guy’s know💖

Thank you all for your support & love!😘😘 #selflove #edrecovery #intuitiveeating #curves #redhair #leiktækniskolinn #12steps #offseason #ifbbbikini #ifbbpro #mrolympia
“Life isn’t perfect.... but your hair can be!” Just tried my new straightener from @hhsimonseniceland 💁🏻‍♀️
Why isn’t there a red hair emoticon??🧐 #hhsimonsen #hhsimonsenhair #redhair #pale
Back to my roots🧜🏻‍♀️ Thank you 💖
Curls made with : Rod4 from @label.m_iceland 
#redhair #redhead
Flashback from the day I won the IFBB World Championship, one of the proudest moments of my life🙏🏻 Photos from @sashapaleeva & @teamandrocom 
Bikini: @bikinisbyfreydis 
Make up: @karenlindthompson 
Hair: @beautybar, @label.m_iceland & @hhsimonseniceland 
Tan: @jan_tana_international 
Coach: @johannvnordfjord
Working on my flexibility again☺️ #flexible #taekwondo #taekwondogirl #sporthusid #sportvorur #stretching #yoga
Shooting today for the film #Woman by @yannarthusbertrand 🙂
So honored to have been invited to take part in it☺️ The location for today was #krysuvik 😍 Such a beautiful place in Iceland! Only 30 min drive from Reykjavik💖

#womanlefilm #yannarthusbertrand #iceland #icelandic
No matter what I’m so proud of the Icelandic football team & I’m proud to be Icelandic🇮🇸💖 #iceland #fifa #fifaworldcup #fifa18
“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”

Here’s another tattoo I got at @blackrosetattoobcn yesterday☺️
I got the moon tattoo last year at the same tattoo place and it represents my love for my little sister @kamillagnarr 💖 She also has this moon tattoo but this year I decided to add the Aquarius symbol underneath because that’s our astrological sign☺️ Swipe right to see how beautiful my sister is😍

#aquarius #aquariustattoo #sisters #sistertattoos
“Be you! The world will adjust”
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Last day of my one week vacation in Sant Pere De Rebes.
I got myself a Honu Turtle tattoo  at @airijo & ate very good food at @clubhouse_27
Tomorrow I go back to go Reykjavik & on Monday its back to business at @sporthusid 💪🏻 #Emptyglass #glasshalfsomething #instagrammodel #turtle #worldoceanday #honuturtle #seaturtle #seaturtletattoo
Happy humpday!
Greetings from the sun in Spain💖

top: @pualanihawaii 
Bottoms: @bikinisbyfreydis 
#sitges #humpday  #spain #notan #redhead #barcelona
There was an article in an Icelandic newspaper last week about how you can look good in a bikini.
The article said the following:
1.A sunhat looks very good with a bikini.
2.You should not eat any salty foods, beans or broccoli 3 days before the “bikinishow”
3. It matters how you sit in a bikini. Sitting down and pulling your knees up is very pretty.That way lifts up the fat on your hips.
4. Its good to buiry yourself a little bit in the sand to hide the fat on your butt and hips.

I think I NAILED it!!
😂😂😂😂 #flottíbikiníi #fréttablaðið #pualanihawaii #sitges #bikinipose
New Icelandic sponsor🤟🏻😄 I get all my extra gym equiptment, gym clothes & Taekwondo accessories at @sportvorur 💪🏻 Thank you @sportvorur for having me on the team with the best athletes in Iceland😍☺️💖 #sportvorur