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When the office bathrooms have the best full body mirrors. Re-igniting a love with see-through tights. | #route13 #wastelandcph
Wild Saturday night
I think it窶冱 obvious in my look but this was the best pizza I have ever eaten and one of my culinary highlights 沚呆沚呆沚
Victory! I made it through 5 days without wearing jeans! If you want to read more about that head over to Route 13 (link in bio). | #route13
Last week I tried a new diet, I cut jeans out of my outfits for 5 days. To see if I made it through, all the gory details are on Route 13 as usual (link in bio) | #route13
If you couldn窶冲 tell, I love these earrings!!!! 汨オ沛サ汳
What do you mean there窶冱 no more tiramisu left?!
I made it through 5 days of not wearing jeans! So the first thing I did this morning was put them back on 汨役汨役汨邦ore coming on Route 13, keep your 汨 peeled. | #route13
Oh heeeeeey 汨愚沛サ
Dug this t-shirt from the back of my wardrobe at home cause I spent too much money on it 6 years ago and I still need to make sure I bring the cost/wear down 沽
Went to Bingo with @preenbean this weekend and left empty handed but got a right laugh out of it 沽を汨オ沛サ I also made my best attempt at Bingo granny dressing, gold bangles and all #allthefives