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Second outfit in one day, what a treat! One of my personal favourites, the scarf headband, makes an appearance πŸŽ‰ to see more, head over to Route 13, link in bio | #route13
Outfit numero 3 in my 1 Item, 5 Days week is the result of me being way too lazy to wear anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. I like to think the scarf as belt completely disguises that. If you want to see how to do that too, head over to Route 13, link in bio | #route13
Outfit 2: Why keep your scarfs for yourself when you can share them with your bags? More details on Route 13, link in bio | #route13
Last week I wore a silk scarf 5 different ways, this week I'll share them all with you. Outfit 1, The Classic. I will always turn to a scout knot scarf to spice up any jeans and t-shirt combo. Read more on Route 13, link in bio #route13
I love meself a dirty-mirror selfie. If you want to be able to see my outfit without dust between it and the lens though, head over to Route 13, link in bio. | #route13
I always work out poses for my blog posts in advance to make sure I have top notch photos like this one. I call this pose the sassy zombie-hunchback. More tips and tricks on how to achieve an amazing photo like this one in the link in my bio. | #route13
In today's edition of Unrealistic Goals you can see me model my non-existent garden after the beautiful gardens at Arundel Castle. If you want to see details about my outfit too, go to Route 13 (link in bio) | #route13
Whisking the lovely 4-day Easter weekend away and ready to jump into a new week tomorrow 🌼🌷
Nothing gives me more joy than a great accessory. And babies. And maybe fruit salad. 😁 Working on another little accessories post for Route 13 today but I'm not giving up on my hoops either. | #route13
Had to skip the Masters this year for personal reasons but I had my first training back today. As you can see, it went great. #winning #backinthegame
Getting flashbacks to my middle school years with these hoop earrings but I love it. If only I could have tantrums every now and then and blame it all on being a teenager... read more about my struggles on Route 13 - which has now become .CO.UK!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #route13