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National Geographic and I go way back. My first English teacher would give me her prized Natgeos to read as assignments and report on. Needless to say that was my favourite way of studying the language. I spotted this edition months back but decided to post it today as a tribute to her because she taught me everything I know about the language and I owe her part of who I am today 😌
Got my rain jacket on for this year’s summer party. Does my Regatta pass by as Balenciaga?
Totally worth the 6am wake up call
Enjoying my last night of sea, sun and all-white outfits without feeling inadequate
Playing a game of where’s Maria
Me looking at the rain outside trying to play me on holiday 🌧
Me when someone says I’m going to tan on holiday
My permanent expression on my first day of holiday 😁
Got my out of office on and heading to the Costa Brava tomorrow so here is a throwback of baby me go-karting there 17 years ago🏎
I know I’m wearing a leather jacket but I’m happy to finally be making use of my balcony ☀️
Two years later and I finally found the perfect pair of white jeans. Looking forward to wearing these babies all summer long!!
Sorry I was late I didn’t want to come