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This wasn't even a staged photo. Going back to real life will be pretty hard after this. πŸ“Έ @asr cheers for capturing this moment
It only took me one day to become a Californian stereotype. Yes, that's kombucha
And we're off
Throwing it back to the bank holiday weekend cause today was grey, windy and looked nothing like this 😩
Few things are prettier than London on sunny weekend walks 🌹🌹#mylondon
After bigging her up all day for knitting this jacket, my grandma messaged to say she didn't even remember doing that.... lol | #route13 #asseenonme
Bank holiday blues already
Skipping my way through the weekend cause this is obviously what I look like every Saturday morning πŸ˜… There's a new post on the blog though featuring this beauty of a jacket my lovely grandma made me so head over there and give her some love ❀️ | #asseenonme #route13
Wishing I could just steal my neighbour's comfy armchair right about now 😈
Even though I've gone through multiple wardrobe clear outs over the years, some of which I regret, I'm really happy I've kept my oldest pair of Converse. To see how I wore it, go to Route 13 (link in bio). | #asseenonme
This was taken when I didn't have a massive spot on my cheek preventing me from taking any selfies #theterror
Swinging my bag around cause I love it so much!!!!!! πŸ―πŸŒŸπŸŒΌπŸ΅βš±οΈπŸ’›