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I have women of ALL fitness levels in my group. Some do powerwalk/body weight exercises and some enjoy torturing themselves 🤣🤣🤣. I post #trainlikeme for members who want the “extra” challenge. Here’s an example:

Superset 1 (back to back with no rest until end of 2nd exercise)
10 front squats @ 75 pds
20 lunges (35pd db)

Superset 2
30 laying hamstring curls (on row machine)
10 DL @ 155 pounds OR 30 stiff leg DL (heels elevated) @ 70 pounds.

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1 minute HIIT sequence that’ll put you in zone 3 QUICK! #fitmom #momof4 #almost40yearsold
I’ve been blessed to work with some AMAZING women who are committed to making their fitness journey a long term, sustainable LIFESTYLE. This month, I was privileged to receive so many testimonials from MPowered members. Swipe left to hear Chelsea’s story. You’ll also be able to connect with her and many other INCREDIBLE women during the March Challenge. I will share stories from current members everyday until the start of the March challenge. The early registration special ($10 off) ends tomorrow. Sign up today and join our fit family for WOMEN! If you follow my meal plans and don’t lose weight, I will give you your money back! 4 weeks for $19.75, YOU are WORTH it! ❤️
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Awesome Friday night burn with my #FitTwin (had to stop tagging her because she’s a private person and was getting way too many follow requests). Always great to have someone to keep you accountable! 550 calories gone. ❤️ #fitmom #momof4
Look y’all!!! Bilal and Tajh (@outhereintheworld) of “The Boys” are hanging out with me on @majicatl! Listen to our conversation and what to expect from their Unsung episode that airs on @tvonetv this Sunday at 9pm
One thing that hasn’t changed during my fitness journey is my smile. Don’t get fit because you “hate” your body but because you LOVE it. I know there was nothing wrong with me before, I also know there’s always room to improve. As a  mom of 4, I’d love to help YOU begin a fitness journey that leads to long-term sustainable results. My Mpowered March Fitness Challenge starts on 3/2. Meal plans, home exercise routines, direct connection to me daily in our private FB group and a shot at $250! Only $19.75 right now at (link in bio) #tbt #fitmom #momof4 #transformation
I used to think squats were overrated but I just wasn’t doing them correctly nor was I consuming the proper nutrients for my muscles to grow. So glad that I know better. My Asian genes try to stop me from being great but I made a way!!!! No more shrimp fried rice booty 🤣. I be fusing bout the scale but I low key am happy with my new body. 😁 #fitmom #momof4 #igrewthisbooty
As a proud graduate of @famu_1887, I’m proud to support the @hbcurising documentary on PBS. Thanks for the connect @aguynamedpharoh
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When you unexpectedly gain weight, take pictures and remind yourself its JUST a number. 3 days ago, I was 119.8, today I weighed 126.6. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Entering week 3 with my February MPowered Group. This month, I gave the ladies progressive “stacks” of exercises to improve their conditioning from week to week. I have a killer upper body combo including this DB loop band exercise. Registration for the March Challenge is now open. Sign up today and receive a FREE “Pretty Strong” tank! Get the specifics and join our fit family FOR WOMEN at (link in bio) #fitmom #momof4