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As I was scrolling through my IG timeline, I noticed how I have/wear many of the same clothes from more than 5 years ago 😆. ***
As a radio personality/business owner in a top 5 market (Atlanta), I drive a Nissan Altima, shop at discount retailers, budget for EVERY family trip and I only buy name brand when it is on sale. Since the start of @mpoweredfitnessig (Feb 2017), I have paid off close to $270K in debt, made smart investments, and have basically lived off of 35% of my income. I have no credit card debt, no school loans and no car loans. The balance remaining on my mortgage is below 20K (swipe left).
In my heart, I know the next phase of my journey is to not only (continue to) empower people though fitness, but also through building financial wealth.
I realize that everyone is not in the same situation as me, but I do know what is is like to live off a 2K per month budget with 2 kids because I was once there at a time in my life.
Building relationships with knowledgeable Financial Influencers like @iamashcash who unselfishly GIVE advice to people who are on the road to financial freedom is personal to me because in my opinion, true success is when you use what you have learned to help someone who may be suffering or in need of direction.
Be sure to check out my conversation with Ash this afternoon on @majicatl for money/credit/wealth building tips to keep you on track. ❤️
🙏🏾 thank you for reading.
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The moment you start reducing expectations, you risk introducing complacency. Opportunities are NEVER lost...someone will TAKE the one YOU miss... - Anon. @mpoweredfitnessig #fitmom #momof4 #fitover4 #determination #focus #discipline #mealprep #exercise
On Sunday, April 28th, I plan to walk for my sons, Eric and James as well as so many other families impacted by Autism. I'd be honored and grateful for your contribution to our team! Please join me in making a positive impact for people living with autism. Direct link in bio. #AutismMom #Autism #AutismSpeaks
Been so busy this week that I haven’t had a chance to share my fitness feature on #Fox5Atlanta. I’m so grateful to have the support of @majicatl when it comes to my fitness endeavors. They have always encouraged me to use my radio platform to empower others through fitness. This interview was done via skype (audio is a little off) but I surprisingly felt very comfortable doing a feature on live TV! Look out for me again on 5/1 ❤️
Saturday Sweat Check, ready to conquer the weekend! Thanks to the ladies who registered early for the #TransforMAYtion Challenge! We kick things off on May 1st! Link in bio for more info and to sign up. #fitmom #momof4 #fitover40 @mpoweredfitnessig #mpoweredfitness
Traveling all across SWATS visiting some of the top salons in SW Atlanta. Shout out to @dloratlanta for the hospitality. Check them out and ask about their 20% off specials this weekend.
A few ways to remix the row machine! Special thanks to all the ladies who signed up for the @mpoweredfitnessig #TransforMAYtionChallenge. Prep materials go out next Friday 4/26! Link in bio to join us! #fitover40 #momof4 #fitmom #mpoweredfitness
Don’t look back, you’re not traveling in that direction.
I’m so proud of how far I have come and excited to take some dynamic women with me! Registration for the @mpoweredfitnessig #TransforMAYtion Challenge is now open! Get fit, embrace a new mindset and WIN a $200 Amazon Gift Card! Swipe left for deets!
Back at it on @majicatl! Press play for specifics on how to win $3000 TODAY with @doitfortheryan 🙌🏾
One thing about me: I’m consistent. You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you WORK for. #fitmom #momof4 #fitover40
Join me on 4/27 for the @theempowermentpanel at the @naturalhairshow! I’ll be sharing what I have learned during my 20+ years as a Radio Personality and how I created my 6-figure “side hustle.” I’m excited to share practical ways for any woman with focus and discipline to be successful. Follow @naturalhairshow for tickets and more details about this incredible weekend!