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I was lucky enough to experience an unbelievable week in Patagonia with some of the most motivated and brilliant people I have ever met! I am so excited to be a part of KARUN, an incredibly innovative and inspiring eyewear company from Chile. To create a business based on changing waste into product is already beyond admirable. But to see the extended positive impact of their model to further benefit the local communities by creating jobs and promoting conservation is truly ground breaking. WE NEED MORE OF THIS TYPE OF ECONOMY GOALS IN THE WORLD! There is no opportunity without Nature. Their ultimate goal is that this model can be adopted anywhere in the World so we can all protect our own precious communities and ecosystems sustainably.  Make sure to watch my story to see some of their work and meet the beautiful people we met in our journey. THANK YOU KARUN!! @karunworld #wearenature #adifferentpointofview #karun
Million dollar runs 🙏❤️ #powderrich
Ladies and Gents! We have 4 last minute spots available!! @corvus_snowboarding is offering a Two and half days of backcountry splitboarding  course with ACMG certified split-guide @rupert_davies and myself this weekend in Whistler! Jan 4th (evening) 5 and 6th 2019.

This course is super fun and designed for intermediate to advanced riders who wish to expand their backcountry free-riding skills. Our goal is to take you to the goods, share our tactics while climbing and shredding lines, talk about the tools and techniques involved and discuss the human factors in making proper decisions in the mountain environment. You will also get your CAA AST 1 certificate out of it!

Topics include: - Decision making in avalanche terrain
- Line Selection
- Navigation
- Free-riding / Freestyle tips and more…

Hit the link in my profile for more info and SIGN UP! #splitboarding #corvussnowboarding
Perfect way to end another 365s today 🙌. Happy nuevo annee! @robinvangyn @timmytaussig @colin_wise_man @lucey @austensweetin #thefrothisreal #centerpunchlife
Don’t think I have ever laughed this hard in three days... So lucky to have all these magical women as friends and inspirations in this World. Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️🤘🙏 #undertheinfluencers #ravemom #retallacklodge #happinesswithoutpenis #keepittight
Thanks so much to @joshdirksen,  the entire crew of volunteers, Mt.Bachelor and sponsors for making the DIRKSEN DERBY possible every year!!.So much stoke, so many beautiful and rad people inside and out, fundraising for good causes such as @protectourwinters and @oregon_adaptive_sports . Congrats to all the winners and thanks for delivering some real good times once again! @patagonia_snow pic from the lovely @gill_monty_photo #dirskenderby11
Just had an awesome week of learning about snow science and Avalanche Safety during the CAA Level 1 OPS course. Huge thanks to all our awesome instructors Rick,Brad, Dan, Ian, Jock and @monasheepowder and staff for hosting us. Also, major thanks to @patagonia_snow for providing support toward higher education about Avalanche Safety for their ambassadors. This course definitely made me realize how important it is to keep educating ourselves in order to keep playing safely in these beautiful mountains ❤️ ❄️🏔
CALIFORNIA! We are showing @theradicalsfilm tonight at the VENTURA PATAGONIA Store @patagoniavta 
The Radicals Film features a journey of learning, inspiration and resistance. From the Tahltan’s fight for the Iskut Sacred Headwaters, BC Hydro’s corruption in Xwisten, Art as resilience in Haida Gwaii, to a coastal uprising against Fish Farms off the Coast of Vancouver Island, each of these communities teach us and the athletes what it means to be a true radical. @beyondboarding  Snowboarder and Activists Tamo Campos, Surfer and Outdoorsman Jasper Rosen drove all the way down from Canada in their waste veggie oil truck to tour this powerful film so don’t miss it! All three of us will be there tonight to share the film with you followed by a Q and A.
Did you know that over 70 % of BC’s open net farmed salmon is bought by Californian consumers? Come join these important conversations 🙋‍♀️. There will be two more showings in CA the following days: 
Nov. 20th 
The Ecology Centre
San Juan Capistrano
5:30 PM

Nov 21st 
La Paloma Theatre
7 PM

Please spread the word and come join us! #theradicalsfilm
“The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” - Robert Swan 
Yesterday was our first ever @protectourwinterscanada Athletes Summit at @mec in Vancouver. We are working on different strategies to mobilize the Canadian Outdoor Industry to tackle climate change. In collaboration with amazing professional athletes, Olympians, scientists, media partners, resorts and community leaders, we are focusing on Youth Education and Engagement, Brand Partnerships, and establishing better Climate Policy in Canada. The consensus is simple: we are all hypocrites and all use fossil fuels. Canadians have some of the biggest footprint per capita in the World. But if we want things to change for a greener future, we need a lot more people to speak up, no matter what their footprint is. At the current rate, we are facing catastrophic consequences that will affect all of humanity and over 1.5 million different species on Earth WITHIN OUR LIFETIME. We need to act fast and we need everyone to get involved in this fight for it to work. Please sign up to POW Canada at 
It is free and the best way to keep you informed on the science, ways to get involved and take action. Without members, we have no voice, so we need you!

We are having the Final Stop of our POW Canada Launch Tour tonight in CALGARY AT @mec AT 5:30  PM
Join us to find out more, watch some great short films and meet some of the ambassadors @chrisrubens @_greghill_ @mikedski and more. Thank you for caring ❤️❄️🌎.
Yesterday’s view from beautiful Mt. Baker, Washington, my first time on that incredible mountain. I was told that usually you would be able to see Bellingham and the Pacific Ocean clearly from here. What we saw instead is the thick layer of smoke from the deadly California fires, which are over 800 miles away. While the start of some fires may be attributed to power utilities malfunction, fire and climate scientists are bringing up that it is climate change that increases the risk of fires, makes the fire seasons longer, more frequent and harder to control in the USA and Canada. 
If you are an outdoors enthusiast and want to figure out ways to address the issues and do more, please join newly launched @protectourwinterscanada at or in the US. 
We will also be at @mec in  Vancouver and Calgary next week to explain what the organization is about along with some great short films and the presence of POW ambassadors @_greghill_ @chrisrubens @mikedski and many more. 
Vancouver Nov. 17th
Calgary Nov. 18th
On Wednesday, November 14th at the Centennial Theatre, join VIMFF for a screening of two of the latest and greatest environmental films, The Radicals and Hear The Call: Salmon Nation, which showcase the beautiful mountain and coastal environments of the West Coast, the biggest threats to our environment and the outdoor enthusiasts who are dedicating their lives to solving them. After the films – protagonists, community members and filmmakers will take the stage for an intimate panel discussion. @protectourwinterscanada  will also be present 🙌❄️You won’t want to miss this inspiring evening! 
@theradicalsfilm @thevimff 
Photo Credit: The Radicals Film 
It doesn’t always take the gnarly exposed steeps or air time to illustrate the magic of  winter when you get to hang out with creative photographers like @justinkious ! Thanks Justin for creatively capturing the most simple, fun and beautiful moments too ! And thank you @snowboardcanada for featuring it in your latest issue!! #stokedforwinter #splitboarddreams #milking @patagonia_snow @arborsnowboards @clifbar @karakorambc