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I love Canada and I feel so lucky to live in a place that offers so much natural beauty and opportunities to play and connect with nature. The next 10 years are so important and represent our last real chance to determine what our future will look like. Our glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate which means no salmon left, no more resident orcas, (within the next 20 years! )our forest fires will become the norm and for a longer period every summer... sea levels rising on both coasts, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, the outdoor and tourism industry will all take a huge hit and the whole canadian economy (us) will have to spend billions of $ to adapt. What we don’t invest to protect now will cost us a lot more later. I always get asked: “But what can I do?” Today, if you want to take an easy step into creating a positive impact, please join @protectourwinterscanada as a member. Joining is free and simply connects you to POW Canada’s newsletter list, which provides current news and information on ways to get involved here in Canada. I have been on the Board of Directors as Vice-Chair for over a year and to have you onboard means that we can have a bigger voice to create real change at a policy level. It also allows us to partner with more brands which fund our #hotplanetcoolathletes HPCA program where we bring POW Athletes and Ambassadors to Schools across Canada to educate and motivate the youth on Climate Action.  It is overwhelming and scary at times but I have hope that if we educate ourselves and come together to create a movement we can truly achieve the impossible. Happy Canada Day and please make sure to sign up on ! 🙏❤️🌎 #climateaction
Excited to be a part of the shift! Yesterday, Jeff Chamberland @bearfootjeff and Jessen from Bearfoot Renewables came out to my property on Vancouver Island to install a small grid-tie system that will help supplement power to the main dwelling and the cob house. As Jeff said so well, Solar cannot save the planet alone. But it can certainly be a considerable part of the shift to sustainable solutions as well as a smart long term financial investment. More importantly, it truly made me take a look at how much I use, how I can reduce and the source of my power along with the associated social and environmental impacts. Depending on each province, a lot of power in Canada still comes from coal, natural gas, nuclear or poorly managed hydro power projects. Let’s harness the potential from true renewables like solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and biomass! Jeff also runs a donation program on Vancouver Island where he recycles used solar panels and donates them with his time to solar installs in communities that are in need. So if you are looking for solar on the Island, Jeff is the man! Thank you for the pics @rustyockenden 🌞🙏 #solar #supportsmallandlocalbusiness #bearfootrenewables #protectwhatyoulove
I feel for the people who work here and don’t have access to better job opportunities than  the Salmon Farms Industry in Clayoquot Sound.  I am aware of my privilege and I don’t think anyone is pointing the finger at people simply trying to survive and feed their families the best they can. But Salmon Farms are just too destructive to go on. We must come together and find solutions that provide work that is not destroying our environment. Thanks to all the people who showed up yesterday in Tofino to take a stand. It truly does make an impact! Thank you @rvmartinsheen @tsimkamartin for leading the way and to @rycamz and @groundswelladventures for hosting us on your boat and @natelav for the shuttles! 🙌🙏 #forthewildones #fishfarmsgetout #wildsalmon
TIME TO SHOW UP! If you care about this place, about wild salmon, orcas, all life in our oceans, about  good jobs and an economy that is sustainable instead of destructive, about respect for the people, the next generations and the Earth, please join this peaceful  demonstration of love for our beautiful and rich ecosystems MONDAY AT 6 PM in TOFINO HARBOUR. Fish Farms are infesting our waters with toxic waste, sea lice, Piscine Reovirus, which is rapidly bringing the local wild salmon populations to extinction. This is an urgent issue that needs more visibility and people simply being there to show support truly makes a difference. Please join us, tell your friends and spread the word! Visualize  the farms out by March 15 2020, before the next out migration of baby salmon. Clear the way! Thank you for caring and showing up! ❤️🤘 @tsimkamartin @clayoquot.action @seashepherd @patagonia @groundswelladventures
I am that girl. Lately I feel like all I have been posting and talking about is on  environmental issues. And I am not sorry. I have been losing followers every time and I don’t care. It’s too easy to gain a following posting beautiful pictures of ourselves trying to look cool but I have no admiration for it. We can’t just keep looking away or ignoring this. We are in a state of global environmental destruction crisis. The real and coolest heros to me are the ones speaking up and working toward saving life on Earth for us all and that is not easy. At the rate we are going, our planet will become a very harsh and sad place to live within our lifetime so why isn’t this treated as an emergency? It is not fair to leave it to First Nations, scientists and activists alone to fix it. We all need nature to survive and the issues are so huge and interconnected that we need the whole population to understand and make efforts. Nobody is perfect and we are all guilty of our footprint so we must stop criticizing each other and just do better where we can. The number one question is always “what can I do?” I would answer to at least just take time in your life to educate yourself and others in a respectful manner. Once someone is aware of how important this is, there is clarity on many ways to help depending on each person’s situation and surroundings. The initiatives can’t be the same for everyone and that is fine! But let’s just do better. The last picture is of my niece and I am truly hoping that she and all living species on Earth have a future worth living. ❤️ #notsorry #fishfarmsgetout
What would the World look like if we understood that we are all NATURE?
There is no better return on investment than LIFE. Clean air, water and food for all should be common global priorities if we want to survive beyond the next few decades. This is why I love companies like @karunworld and wish to see those business models more often. Watch the full video of what KARUN is all about on their website and support businesses that give back to protect our beautiful Planet ! 🌎 link in bio or visit www.
This is a great opportunity to support amazing films. So many friends are pitching incredible projects right now for the @storyhive film grants. Today is your last chance to Vote for these meaningful initiatives that provide exponential education and solutions on very important subjects. This project is called “Local Warming” and presented by @livinbynature, check out the link in their bio to vote! Also check out @rerooted as they have an outstanding pitch as well and need your votes! Make it count please ! We are lucky to have these filmmakers using their gifts for a bigger purpose 🙏❤️
Joining @paigealms and her @trashyselfieproject !! @timmytaussig and I picked up this trash today in a few minutes and there is always so much more to be picked up every time I go to the beach. Imagine if we all picked a handful every time we went out as a thank you for the surf and mama Ocean 🙌 Sadly, foam of all different types is what I find the most and always disintegrates into millions of smaller particles that end up being eaten by birds, fish and eventually affects our food chain too. It feels hypocritical as our surfboards and so many other products we use daily are made from these substances but we must make an effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of waste properly. Other groups that are worth following with great initiatives are @changingtidesfoundation @clayoquotcleanup @surfrider Thank you all for spreading the word and take the #trashyselfiechallenge too! #trashyselfie♻️
The @westcoasttripleplank recap video from the talented Asher Koles @bloodknots is now out! Hit the link in my bio for the full edit which includes some  amazing extra moments 🙌 Thank you to all who came out, helped, donated and absolutely shredded! We raised over $12000 for local Wild Salmon Restoration! Thanks to all our incredible sponsors for making it happen and see you all next year 🤘❤️ @karunworld 
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LAST CHANCE TO WIN! Only two days left to enter and win the ultimate shred package! This raffle was created in collaboration with @westcoasttripleplank and fundraiser for @cwfsrestoration as a great opportunity to support their effforts to restore wild salmon habitat on Vancouver Island. OPEN TO ANYONE! DONATE 10$ per ticket to Central WestCoast Forest Society (CWFS) and get the chance to win A FULL SNOWBOARD SETUP! One lucky winner will get:  @karunworld sunglasses, an @arborsnowboards @patagonia_snow Outerwear kit, @vans shoes and @clifbar package 🙉 All items of your choice! One winner will be announced on May 15th.
To enter:
1- Follow @cwfsrestoration and head over to their website (link in bio) to enter. 10$ Donation per ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you want! 
2- Comment on this post with one environmental initiative of yours or simply one thing you love about nature and Tag 3 friends! 
Wild salmon are the heart and soul of our ecosystems and coastal communities. Right now, salmon and all interconnected species need our help! Your donation is going directly to rebuilding wild salmon habitat and you may win a full snowboard set up out of it! So even if you couldn’t make it out the @westcoasttripleplank, anyone can be a part of making a difference and support urgent conservation and restoration efforts. Please share and thanks for participating! Pic @seanblack.seanblack 🤘🤩🙏❤️ #westcoasttripleplank2019
We planted trees with @cwfsrestoration, we surfed and we skated. Today we snowboard @mountwashington for the final day on the hand dug banked slalom. Mind blown by the turnout this year 🙏 Thank you to all who made this possible! #westcoasttripleplank2019 
All pictures from the legend @colin_wise_man

PRESENTED BY @karunworld 
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@westcoasttripleplank banked slalom preview by @timmytaussig following @thelsho @pattyslim @kevinsansalone @jerryjmark and followed by @harry_kearney @markmarypowski @bigairmare @sarahkingart @_jumpcamp_ @johnecoyote69 @jeanclaudiavandam ! 
Thanks to this epic crew for building the course by hand and to Dave, Dale and Rich from @mountwashington for all the help! ! Course is fast and loose!! It’s gonna be fun! @karunworld 
@patagonia_snow @arborsnowboards @clifbar @vanscanada @tofinobrewco @beaverwax @relicsurfshop @dakine @antisocialshop @nibzsnow @stormsurfshop @libtechsurf @mervinmfg @skull_skates, @studioearth