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This is my portfolio.
California to West Virginia.
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New #art. Link in my bio. Thanks.
You were the voice I listened to when I was perfecting my craft. Thank you. Say hello to heaven, Chris. Rest In Peace.
My art is up at Charleston Bread. Thank you, Libby.
Here's another free painting. #charlestonwvartwalk #freeart #art
Free. #freeart #charlestonwvartwalk #art
Throwback to the very first sculpture I made. I was 14 years old.
From 2013. Spoonie. 11" x 14" mixed medium on paper. ©Marisol McKee
Still cleaning.
This is an old painting from 2009-2012? I watched a documentary about #SantaMuerte last night. I think people are just returning to their Aztec roots. And the state of the world is not helping. That and how she embraces everyone from all walks of life. Especially those who are outcasts and living on the fringes of society.