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Candid + Natural Photographer.
Ohio, but always wandering
"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful; that will be my life." // Elsie de Wolfe

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The 窶廬 just said yesss!窶 happy dance is one of my favorites // #marissadeckerphotography
Let me be the first to tell you I am an awkward human. I cant walk in a straight line and my voice gets really high & loud when I窶冦 excited. I definitely own multiple oversized pieces of fluff (or sweatshirts in the common term). An argument could be made that I overuse exclamation points and the monkey emojis (泗 - or at least that one in particular). I also find pleasure in reading the weirdest genres of books, and constantly have chipped nail polish (just rocking at this 27-year-old thing). But hey, if that doesn窶冲 turn you to keep scrolling I am always excited to meet people! So say hiiii below 汨愚沛シ筮ク or tell me if your awkward too, and let窶冱 be friends! // #marissadeckerphotography
窶廩i. My name is Harry. And I just wanted to say Wednesday窶冱 are hard. But then I make this face and remember I窶冦 just a pickle... and pickles can binge watch Netflix all day...窶 笨交沛シ// I am ridiculous and I make no apologies for this 11pm post haha. // #travelmariss
Taking Monday off completely refreshed my soul! I can窶冲 even remember the last time I consciously left my computer alone. It felt so odd. Almost as if I made a choice to ignore a child all day. Isn窶冲 it crazy how many lives revolve around technology? As I sit here and type out this Instagram post 泗 (hand to literal forehead). Regardless, I hope you take a step away from your computer or phone today! More importantly I hope that your (70 degree weather in Ohio 汳幤沽) Tuesday is beautiful - just like Blair and AJ // #marissadeckerphotography
It窶冱 funny actually. I was walking through Target, trying to figure out what else we could photograph for 窶弄otion Week窶. And, I just happened to pass the toilet paper aisle, having an AHA moment! They could throw that! It窶冱 thicker than confetti and bigger than glitter so the motion would make an ideal capture. PLUS what teenager doesn窶冲 want to toilet paper their school cafeteria? 沽昨沽 don窶冲 worry though I窶冦 not a terrible staff member, I cleaned it up afterward! // #marissadeckerphotography
It窶冱 Friiiiiiday! Any fun plans this weekend?! I think some brownies and almond butter will be somewhere on my Saturday to-eat list 泗芋沽. // #marissadeckerphotography
Anyone else窶冱 heart ache for salt water and a cool ocean breeze? Or is it just me? If only I could put it in a bottle and keep it with me year round. Screw chocolate, gift that. // #travelmariss
Can we just start Monday with this gorgeous bride?! Kelly is seriously a vision inside and out!! // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
It窶冱 the first day of luh-loveee week!! Although with this profession, I窶冦 blessed to have every week of my year filled with love. (Too much? 泗芋汨交沛シ Haha I know. Oh well happy Sunday!) // #marissadeckerphotography
That moment you are snapping pictures while also trying to say something funny. Resulting in cutting someone窶冱 head off but miraculously leaving the laughter 泗芋汳 // #marissadeckerphotography
Just in case you had a hell of a week and needed to see some Happy Friday waffles. // #travelmariss
Today my kids photographed snow (watch my story tomorrow for some cute pics!) BUT not even two feet out the door && one student did a nosedive straight into the heaping pile of snow. His face after was PURE BLISS. There is some part of me that wishes I could love snow that much, but I窶冦 sorry I have zero desire to soak my clothing and walk around mushy and cold all day long. Ohhhhh 泗 kids. // So here窶冱 a pretty picture of Jimmy & Sarah to make up for my lack of child-like, snow-filled joy. // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds