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If you haven’t seen my Insta story today, just know that I spent the majority of 12 hours sitting at my computer going back and forth between New Girl and Spotify. Conclusion: I am way more productive with music versus Nick Miller refusing to push on a push door. (Haha still gets me, every time) But also: IT IS FRRRRIIDAY! Which means tomorrow is a wedding day, and a suuuper special one at that! Get EXCITED (just like Isabella and Chris were for their engagement session!) // #marissadeckerphotography
What would you cut into on your wedding day??! Already married? What DID you split bites into?? I have seen it all! Cake, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, candy, pie, Swenson’s (haha yes that would be burgers). There is no wrong answer! I love how this tradition can still be carried but made your own!!!! SO what would it be? I think ice cream would be pretty dang delicious (if it didn’t melt everywhere! Haha) // Happpppy Friiiday kids! #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds
When I was six years old, my best friend told me that we had the same blood type, so we could share grapes during lunch. 🙈 Obviously I believed her, and gave her six of the twelve grapes my mom packed. 😂😂 So yeah, I’ll own it, I’m super gullible ✌🏼I am also extremely ticklish and seriously awkward. To top it alllll off: I’m eating cake for dinner. HEY: if you are A positive let me know, I’ll give you half! // #marissadeckerphotography
I am such an early bird, but I could also stay up until dawn. 💛 This weird thing has been happening as I round in on my 28th year of life. I am, on the dot, up at 7am. Seriously. It is like my body screams at me to get up. And that is REGARDLESS of when I hit the hay. I could edit until 3am, or be + 9 hours jet lagged. 7 it is. Does anyone else do this? Like your internal clock knows you need to be an adult so it’s alllll like LETTTTTS GO! 😂 Haha I’m totally not complaining, it definitely gets me to my 8am yoga class 🙈 Sometimes though, I miss sleeping until noon! // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
OH ... ANYONE?? // My Monday’s are always jam packed with prep work! SOOO: If you are waiting on an email from me don’t worry - I gotcha! Also finalizing some edits and topping off today with travel plans, because every day should end with travel plans ❤️😍✌🏼 // Go get em today tiger. Happy Monday!
“Well you have found my flabbergast button, and guess what? You pressed it.” ✌🏼 That quote is no where near relevant to today. Mainly because it’s been a weird kind of day. Actually, this week’s been a weird kind of week. Purely because I actually finished every single thing I had on my to do list. That either means: my todo list wasn’t as detailed as it should have been (highly probable) ORRR I cranked out work like a boss this week. 🙈 Haha probably the former. 😂 Definitely the former. // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
👌🏼 FIVE THINGS ABOUT MEEE that you probably / most likely didn’t need to know: 
1.  The only red shirt I own has “Platform 9 3/4” on it. 
2. The yellow Gatorade is the best flavor. (Haha yes because yellow is a flavor) 🙈
3. I fell asleep in my yoga class this morning 😂 oops! 
4. I find writing on a chalkboard extremely awkward, probably up there next to public speaking and walking in a straight line.
5. My favorite Nick Miller line is: “No! I don’t trust fish. They breathe water ... that’s crazy!” 😂🙈 Do you have a favorite New Girl quote?? Telll me below 👇🏼💚// #marissadeckerphotography
Sometimes inbetween answering emails I pretend I’m in a game of tag and run around my office. 😂 SOO basically sometimes I’m four years old 🙈 In other news alllll my emails were answered today. Up next: Editing! // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
It was during a summer working at Camp Christopher’s Day Camp, and these two locked eyes. Jud then asked her to be his girlfriend by getting a small child to pass along his green construction paper note with two boxes (one for No and one for Yes). Fast forward 11 years later, and he wrote another note to her yesterday morning. This one with the question of marriage 😍 with, again, green construction paper with two boxes. Naturally Angela checked YES! And I silently ballllllled 😭 like a baby while going through every image late last night. Actually let me be honest, I’m still balling like a baby! SOO INCREDIBLY HAPPY for these two souls!!!!! // WOO! #marissadeckerphotography
“I have come to realize with certainty, however, that I have the best job in the world. And that I work with some of the finest people on it. To be able to go wherever I want, when I want, do what I want, and then tell stories about what I’ve experienced is an incredible privilege. Who gets to do what I do? And when you’re that damned lucky how do you stop? How do you ever get off the ride? And why would you?” // Words, by one amazing man, that moved straight into my heart from day one of choosing this profession.  #travelmariss
WHAT’S FOR DINNER?! A question I ask allll my little nuggets. And it is a perfect and fascinating question - don’t worry, I will tell you why: it changes every dang day! So what’s for dinner guys? I’m feeling cereal, if I’m 100% honest. 😂🙈 Such a well-rounded meal right there. // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
I stand like this a lot when I shoot, cross-legged as if I have to pee. 😂🙈 Totallllly didn’t realize this until my lovely second shooter snagged some photos last year. But this is me: in my Toms, and a potato sack dress (with pockets) annnnd running shorts underneath (cause yaknow what if I need to squat or jump or something?!). I might also look like a hot mess. Hair everywhere and sweating profusely, but inside I’m cool as a cucumber geeking out at how beautiful you look while smiling with alllll of my teeth! It’s crazy how much I thoroughly enjoy every bit of this profession. The sweat, the potato dress, and alllll the smiles 😊! // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds