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Yesterday I had a senior session in the evening and it was absolutely Fall.
Leaves on the ground.
Sun shining through the trees.
Brisk, cold, Fall.

In the MORNING I had an engagement session and it was  definitely winter.
Snow on the ground.
Sun shining in the horizon.
Bitter, cold, Winter.

Ohio, you will never cease to amaze me! 🙈😍 // #marissadeckerphotography
I think we all could benefit from a little breathing room now and then. Even if you are extremely extroverted, a tad amount of space from the world can do wonders for a soul.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable; even if you want to scream or put music to the silence.

It’s doing something.
It’s working its magic.
That vast world makes my problems feel tiny.
And I cannot help but to be thankful for the silence this Sunday.

Anyone else with me? // #travelmariss
It’s a Saturrrrday and the wedding I am capturing has beer on draft and a popcorn bar 😍😍 - pretty sure this needs to be the new Winter Wedding standard! 🙈 But for now, enjoy this picture of Lauren and Ryan because their day was a thousand degrees and today it was a high of 28! 😂❤️ That is allll // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds
his and hers ❤️😍 // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
It isn’t that I don’t love Fall, but that overcast-winter-wedding season is fast approaching and I cannot waaaait. There is just something about a wedding combined with the magic of Christmas and New Years, ahh makes my heart smile! // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
I’ve gotten into the habit of just silently staring at my kids when they forget to add “please” into a question. And it is hilarious, because they have no idea what to do.

They stare back at me with bated breath waiting to hear if they can use an iPad or get another snack or for goodness sake grab a basketball, BUT until they say please I just stare.

And oh it gets awkward, but eventually they catch on. Others though, others become terrified and run away. 😂😂🙈 Ehh, we’ll get there. // #marissadeckerphotography
Tuesday TV Thoughts by Mariss:

Ron Weasley is my favorite HP character.

The whole April debacle in Gilmore Girls makes me cringe.

I cannot say the word PIVOT without thinking of Ross and his new couch.

I think if I ever make it to Iceland, my top priority is to find a wight, not to see the blue lagoon.

Nick Miller is my inner self; no other comment!

James Spader was uncomfortable in the Office but genius in Blacklist. Speaking of, has anyone ever tried to put a stapler in jello? For reals!

I vote someone actually start a slap 👋🏼 bet!

My internal, self-advice definitely comes from Hugh Laurie in House, thanks to his ‘everybody lies’ mentality.

The fact that Ron is married to Tammy in real life makes me love them even more.

Mark Ruffalo beats Edward Norton as the Hulk every single time.

I’ve never cried more during a tv show than watching Grey’s.

That’s all for now, but don’t you agree? // #marissadeckerphotography
When your sister has never eaten a burger, you make it a point to stop on your wedding day to have her try one! Thanks @swensonsdrivein for being the best pit stop in town! // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
It’s all fun and games until you bring your puppy. Then it’s just ONE FREAKING AMAZING DAY. 😂😍 // #marissadeckerphotography
I have a beating heart.
You have a beating heart.
This whole app makes me feel like a robot from time to time. Just some random thing posting pictures of beautiful wedding days.
But I am human: I cry and laugh and geek out with best friends.
I don’t just sit behind my desk and wait for this app to load or am constantly available for emails.
Sometimes I take the day off from social media, and heck yes so should you.

But if you’re on here today; say hi! Let me hug you and pinch your cheeks and offer to make you a sandwich. Happy Saturday kids // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds
Three moments of happy for your Friday morning:

Yesterday my kids decided to get out allll the old yearbooks going back to 1981. The amount of joy they had looking at their teachers (and yes of course me) with braces and 90’s hairstyles was incredibly adorable 😂🙈 but also heck yeah incredibly humbling. Remember jumpers guys? And hair with parts down the middle? Oh golly!

I went to yoga with my cousin the other day and had an epiphany moment in my practice. I know I don’t preach much about yogi-ness but there is something incredible about slowing down and feeling every moment. Halfway through my chatta’s I felt the need to move a little slower and more intentional. The past two weeks I have been running around like a photographer with her Fall-season head chopped off. So it was soo wonderful to slow down and breathe in something small, even if it was just a push-up.

Every Friday I end my week spending time with six year olds and 80 year olds. I get to see every single sleepy smile dropped off at school at 6am and then chat with my grams during her weekly haircut. It is one of my favorite parts of my week and one I would gladly get up at 5am to be a part of.

What about you? What happy thing did you get to be a part of this week??! 😘🙈 // #marissadeckerphotography
Just a reminder that Annie & Kyle had a scavenger-hunt engagement session and yes, one location was Kroger 😂🙈 // That was in April and I’m STILL geeking out at these two! Haha happy Thursday loves! #marissadeckerphotography