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“From the first time I ever laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one.” 😭❤️ Sweet notes and beautiful little gifts, you best bet I’m crying behind the camera too. // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
“Oooohhhhp 😯!” I think Mase is equally as excited and shocked at this win in CLE last night! // #marissadeckerphotography
Napa just being reaaaaal clear with what you should do after you spend an entire day drinking wine. 😂🙈 just kidding. But also, YES for typography love! // #travelmariss
I sent this adorable couple their gallery this morning annnnnnnd I’m still kinda squealing at their love! A story that goes back to the weeeee early years, these two hold such refreshing souls! I think we should all just twirl along with Katy and Jon! // #marissadeckerphotography
You know I almost moved out to California after college! I almost moved to London too, but that didn’t happen. I could go on and on about ‘almosts’ but honestly I have a strong belief that life turns out a certain way for a specific reason. 💕

If I lived abroad I wouldn’t have been able to photograph so many of my close friends and their lives. 👫

If I lived elsewhere I wouldn’t be able to bring my grandma to her haircut every Friday. 💇🏼‍♀️ If I lived abroad I wouldn’t have the opportunity to help these 8th graders find their creativity in photography. 📸

If I lived in Europe I wouldn’t be able to enjoy family vacations, still 🙈, as a 28 year old adult. ✈️ Life is weird and messy annnd sometimes I sit and think what if, but within the majority of my thoughts I don’t have any regrets. I’m here, still, in good ole Ohio for a purpose. && through those good and bad decisions it’s been one heck of a ride. Cheers to your Monday kids!! // #travelmariss
Sunday’s are for baggy tee shirts and shorts that are socially unacceptable to wear out in public. Yup. Happy family day kids! // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds
The past week I’ve been craving Pop Tarts (thanks to rewatching Gilmore Girls). 💕 Strawberry with the icing ORRR that double chocolate one! Not toasted though - for some reason my 8-year-old self liked them room temperature. 🙈😂 anyone else have a faveee??? // #travelmariss
I have a family that is allll up in each other’s business; alllll the dang time. For good and bad. For better and worse, we are there. With an opinion or a statement or just a dish filled with food. Without question or doubt. And ya know what - even though, yes, my grams even hears when I stay out until 2am - I probably wouldn’t change it for the world. .

Growing up my family looked small in pictures. Just me, Jen and my mom. But my immediate family has always felt larger than that. My cousins were my brothers and my aunts, uncles and grandparents were the extra set of concerned eyes and tough love that just came with the territory. As we all get older and I watch my cousins start families of their own, I’m filled with so much gratitude for the childhood I had. I never felt alone, or unloved. I always felt important, even if everyone liked my short hair better. 🙈😂 I had soccer stadiums filled with cheers and airport cars lined to pick me up from adventures. I had lunch dates and hiking buddies. I had video game teachers and the best chefs a gfdf girl could ask for. Basically I’m a ball of emotion today as we welcome a new nugget to my fam this week. A 7lb little boy who doesn’t even realIze how much love he walked into. How much overpowering, crazy love he’s about to feel. Gaah 💕 // #travelmariss
There’s a magic to it ya know.
To that salt water smelling beauty.
Just sit here with me for twenty seconds and you’ll see. It sneakily takes out those distractions.

Stay longer and it may just eliminate the pressure to change, or those feelings of uncertainty.

But by golly if it does anything it reminds us to breathe one moment at a time. Not five moments down the road, or ten moments behind you. So here’s your daily reminder to just breathe, right now, as you are. // 💕 #travelmariss
Legend has it that there’s
always a reason why souls meet.
Maybe they found each other
for reasons that weren’t so different after all.
They were two souls searching
and found home lost in each other.
When souls find comfort in one another
separation is not possible.
The reasons they are brought together
are no accident...
Maybe she needed someone
to show her how to live
and he needed someone
to show him how to love.
- Beauty & the Beast // #mdphotoweds #marissadeckerphotography
I went back to work today after my Scottish hiatus and received a thousand little hugs from six-year-olds. 🙈❤️ It was SOO heartwarming, until one hugged my leg and made loud fart noises. Welcome to the school year folks. 😂 Here we gooooo! // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds
I’M UP I’M UP and I’m embracing the jet lag as I’m make my way to morning Yoga! Anyone else wanna join? 6am! LET’S GO!

Also, just wanted to say thank you on here to everyone for their patience with me over the entire month of August! TONS of beautiful inquiries / emails are in my inbox from last week and I will be responding throughout today!! All the hugs (and Katie & Laeka dancing smiles) xo - Mariss // #marissadeckerphotography #mdphotoweds