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God Wins!!

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C O L O M B I A | V I B ES 汞ィ汞エ #IFeelLikePablo汳ェ沛セ #ThereCanOnlyBeOneKing汨
CROWN THE KINGS窶シク条汨択汨択汨択汨
I been talkin to God for so long that if you look at my life, I guess he talkin back! #GodWins泗条沛セ
What I cherish most is the brotherhood! The pain, blood, sweat, tears, and joy it takes to make it to this point!! I know we gon elevate dat level again! 洟橇沛セ汳ッ #FirstRoundBrothers #LegacyBrothers
Pick 6ク鞘Ε窶シク You know what time it izzzz窶シク Flick it up 2ク鞘Ε2ク鞘Ε窶シク Its CONTAGIOUS窶シク条汨交沛セ #OnlyTimeWeCelebrateWitThem #WeRecruitPlaymakersDoe
W E | T H E | O N E S窶シク
HELLLLLOOO!!! 洫沛 trick shots!!! Ft: @tg4hunnid @taeadams @markingram22 #ProBowl
Run the game like Walter Payton back in 1984! 汳ェ沛セ汳ッ #ProBowl2018
It窶冱 crazy how folks treat you different. Material sh!t, accomplishments...
W E | M O B | D I F F E R E N T 窶シク#GodWins泗条沛セ #ProBowl2018笞懶ク#WhoDatGang汨交沛セ
You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet! Psalm 91:13 #GodWins泗条沛セ #2ndProBowl泗交沛セ
Fast forward now our goals done got bigger! 洟橇沛セ汳ッ #GodWins泗条沛セ #22Savage #AK41 #CantGuard13