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Bassplayer, producer, designer. Co-founder @wearekindsir. 🚀 BRAND NEW EP AVAILABLE HERE 👇🏼

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Underwater with LL. 
Cameo by @darrandrummer
Rocco loves his new bumbag!  @thebumbagco
I took this at midnight last night on the way home. Full moon directly overhead makes for a great headlight 💡 🌙
Tonight at the Hoey Moey with @emilyurbandiva 
@davidorrguitar @darrandrummer
@yuccastoneceramics #friends #local #handmade #pottery
SK8.... #skate
Rocco's hair is a party all over
Busting to P.....
The Sound of Light. It's available on all the digital streaming platforms but it's also for sale as a digital download from my website. It has some super high quality audio formats like WAV, MP3 and FLAC that comes in the zip file as well as credits which is a great read!
Also check out some of the vids on my homepage featuring some tracks off the EP being played live. 
I had a great interview today with Scott from Creative Industry Faculty  @qutcreativeindust at QUT Kelvin Grove. We had a really interesting discussion covering topics like modern music education (what that might look like in the future), performance (& performance anxiety), collaboration, writing retreats and much more. It's great that institutions are asking these important questions, and I'm stoked to have had some input.