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Bassplayer, producer, designer. Co-founder @wearekindsir. 🚀 BRAND NEW EP AVAILABLE HERE 👇🏼

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My 60 second version of Cherokee!
"It don't matter if you're black or white" 
My @paveldlf Jazz Pro MP5 and my @michaeltobiasdesign 534. .
#basslife #bassist #bassguitar #bassgear #bassforward #bassplayer  #bassplayersofinstagram
Super happy with how these leather briefcases have turned out. Looking forward to getting some new products out next year!  @wearekindsir #customleather #handmade #leather #leatherbag
A snippet of a @officialdaveweckl tune called "wet skin" that we played recently @junglelovefestival. .
#bassist #bassplayer #basslife #bassplayersofinstagram #bassforward
First prototype of the @wearekindsir Drum stick bag. Few tweaks to do before its ready but I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up. You can also get it custom laser etched with whatever your heart desires ♥ (logo, text, vector art)
So keen but still so little.... One day buddy, one day!
The only solo I take in my whole set! #nobodylikesbasssolos
Give me the night! 
Great fun jamming with  @soulergy_music yesterday at brisy's new @felonsbrewingco
Thanks for the pic @taihaitana_ @junglelovefestival
Trying to make something of the old 1-4-5 progression is always a challenge!
Such a good big sister. ♥
Done! Played the songs off my EP live for the first time on the weekend. Very daunting and stressful but also super rewarding. I'm 41 and have been the classic procrastinating dreamer stereotype for a long time. To actually create and ship a product is a big deal BECAUSE it's not perfect. It displays what you're good at as well as what still needs work. It's a documentation of where you're at captured forever. You put out a part of your soul and cross your fingers it resonates with someone. This is the fear every artist in any discipline faces every time they sit down to create, but for me the fear of failure is now outweighed by the need to keep creating and progressing. This is why any support means so much! Thanks @junglelovefestival for creating a (beautiful) space for people to show off their art!
Thanks for the pic @p_w_farrell