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Building confidence in kids and creating leaders in our society.

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A big thank you to our parents and referees for supporting the athletes competing.
Surround yourself with people who have similar goals than you. Train and push each other as a team to accomplish those goals together. One persons victory is everyone’s victory.
ASMA competition: This was a great competition for our upcoming fighters to get some extra mat time it was also a great experience for our next generation of coaches who got to have some practice coaching @yaya.carrotcakeee and @eshaila335
Surround yourself around people with similar goals as you, who aspire to accomplish goals that are set and don’t give up till they do.
Branch Credit: @mas_mountannan
It’s not only the children that we want to provide a great experience for. We hope to serve our parents the best way we can by building a relationship with them as we have the same goal of building confidence and leadership skills in their child. These 3 girls started of in our leadership team and are now part of our reception and instructors team.
Branch Credit: @mas_mountannan
Sometimes you need to look back to where you started to realize how far you have come. Branch Credit: @mas_mountannan @minirangers
Our instructors love to get creative with our mini ranger classes using their imagination to make classes exciting, innovative and fun whilst teaching the foundation of martial arts.
Branch Credit: @mas_mountannan
Meditation is important for our #minirangers 3-6 year olds after every class it helps them become calm and allows their thoughts to be clear. 
Branch Credit: @mas_mountannan
Imagine an environment where you can belong, be yourself, not be judged, not be bullied but instead be supported, pushed and understood. That’s what we strive for at our club. This is our #minirangers 3-6 year olds at our @mas_mountannan location