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American Born 🇺🇸, Nigerian Raised 🇳🇬 |📍Atlanta Philippians 4:13 📩:marvelingmind@gmail.com


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Know Your Worth Then Add Tax. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Self Love. Two very simple words but put together can be very complicated in practice. I am extremely blessed to have a family that never made me feel “less than”. If anything they pour too much love and affection into me (just kidding there is no such thing as too much love). Especially my mother, the way she raised (and to be honest is still raising) my brother and I was incredible. She never made my brother and I feel like we were competing for love or attention. I never felt because I am a girl, I am any different from my brother. She drilled into us the mentality that we are a team. It is us against the world and till this day that holds true. Putting aside the external love I received and continue to receive, self love is something I learned on my own because that’s the only way to practice it. Growing up... (read the full story on marveling-mind.com) LINK IN BIO
If you need some laughter today → link in bio! 😂 @auzoyahthedon2.0 @junior_uzebu
A very fun day exploring the city
One thing that makes me happy without fail: fresh flowers
A lil throwback to Fall last year. Spring, I’m ready for you!
This was a very fun video to film and edit. February Favorites Video is out. Link in bio!
#OOTD featuring this vintage jacket from @myclosetetc! Head over to marveling-mind.com were we are talking about shopping vintage (link in bio)
Spring, I’m ready for you. Anytime now would be nice...
I would like to say there was something interesting on the floor but I was just posing for that “off guard” shot 😉 | new #ootd on the blog - link in bio
I had so much fun last weekend at @atlgirlgang’s brunch with bosses. It was amazing to hear from very incredible women thriving in their industry. My February Vlog just went up and I have some clips from the event. Check out the direct link in my bio! #ATLGirlGang #BossBabes
I was going to post a meaningless caption like some dumb emojis but I want to get real for a second. This girl right here and her family have been so supportive to my brother and I. After @Auzoyah and I lost our Dad a couple days before Christmas last year, we have been trying to adjust to a lot of changes and emotions. The love and support @Ashleysonyea and her family have poured into us is unbelievable.  I am so happy and blessed my brother had enough sense to ask you out and date you 😂. I love how your family has pretty much taken him as a son. I know he is in amazing hands with you.