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That strange space between summer mom and schooltime mom. 🌞/πŸŽ’ I'm nostalgic about the summer of "the gang's all here," but excited to get some more work time in this little office space (cropped in this picture to the one space that isn't messy). πŸ₯ΊπŸ™„πŸ€— ⬅️ all the emotions
Despite the rain and storms, we loved our quick trip to NC for some cousin and Aunties/Uncle time. πŸ₯°
We had a grand time tonight at the fair!  #rockinghamcountyfair 🎑
@circus_incredible you were amazing!!
Just a week now until they're back to school. They're playing games after they let me nap earlier. πŸ™ŒπŸ» By the way, I recommend this book (Welcoming the Stranger by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Hang). I'm not finished yet, but have already learned so much. My current chapter is in the economic impacts of immigration.
I'm so excited to help launch the book "Be the Bridge" by @latashamorrison, coming this October 15. She is a leader in racial reconciliation and this book is so timely. You can read the first chapter of the book at the link in my profile or below and then go ahead and pre-order on Amazon. Let's imagine together a more just and equitable future for our nation. And church--let's get in on what God is doing.
Link to the first chapter:
From the description: "A leading advocate for racial reconciliation offers a clarion call for Christians to move toward relationship and deeper understanding in the midst of a divisive culture."
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Over dinner last night I told them about the ICE raids yesterday in Mississippi. About the kids whose parents didn't show up at the end of the school day to pick them up. The fear and the tears of children just like the ones they go to school with. Fear they were maybe already feeling after the shooting in El Paso. I told them about our complicated immigration system that makes it so hard for people to obtain legal status here. We talked about the taxes and social security undocumented people pay, but get no benefit from. I don't want my children to feel shame about their privilege. I want them to feel compassion and have an understanding of the way the system works against others. And I want them to be part of the change, because (I think it was @theconsciouskid who said it this week) this is their world and they need to know. πŸ’”
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from the "steadfast love" set in the shop. πŸ’•
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The summer home tour. πŸ’•
Happy parents who got a date night out in a beautiful location. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
I don't work in acrylic very often these days, but I had fun with this huge painting. Swipe to see the before picture of this huge cardboard framed print we got for $1 at the thrift store. I painted right over the old print and then popped it back in the frame. πŸ–€
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Me: I found this at the thrift store.
Hubs: What is it?
Me: It's a water heater. I've been wanting one.
Hubs: Didn't you want something updated?
Me: No, I like this one. It's straight out of the 70's--like me. 🌼
This Friday from 5-8 pm at the @theladyjaneshop,  I'll be there with new original artwork!! Hope to see you there. πŸ’•