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I was trying to explain to a friend recently how I struggle when I hear "the Gospel is the answer" or "Jesus is the answer."
I was trying to explain to a friend recently how I struggle when I hear "the Gospel is the answer" or "Jesus is the answer." I believe this simple truth in the full faith that God has given me, yes! But in my experience, what that actually means in my life can be incredibly complex. Paradoxically so. 
For example, I believe that "Jesus is enough," but it's as if that truth knocked on the door,  I opened, and it stepped into the front hall of my heart, mind, and emotions. 
But it is taking a lifetime for that truth to make its way through the living room and eventually into the dark basement of my greatest fears, hurts, and idols. "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly" Col. 3:16a

All that to say, don't underestimate both the simplicity and the complexity of the way the good message of Jesus plays out in our lives. Don't you think this calls for great patience in ourselves and ourselves, as much patience as God shows us? ❤️
I sat down with a counselor the end of last year. I was fearful, sad, and incredible anxious. He said, "Sometimes it helps to write out what kind of person you want to be--where you want to get." And this is the woman that kept coming to mind--a woman of strength and dignity. Almost a year later, I am still anxious and fearful at times, but God has been steadily at work. He hasn't abandoned me. He hasn't grown weary of my weaknesses. I am reading a book about psychology + emotions and the author says that our brains are actually wired for healing, and the path to that healing is through feeling and dealing with our (God-given) emotions. It's the way we are designed. God created us for transformation, so there is always a good reason to hope even if today is dark. ❤️ This is the "steadfast love" printable set.
"And den dis goes here . . . "
God is a refuge, and there is no other. This week has been a scary one for our family. My sweet mom ended up in the hospital with some scary symptoms. To make a long story short, she has what doctors think is a benign brain tumor pressing on her optic nerves. Thankfully it is operable and will be taken out in a few weeks. She is strong and healthy and we are feeling hopeful, but anxious. I appreciate your prayers for her healing. ❤️ (Card from the "comfort and hope" set)
"I broke down." 😂
What a sweet refuge Jesus is. ❤️ *Card in the shop (printed or printable)
#summer ❤️
Late Friday blog post is up with this month's screensaver from 2 Corinthians 4:16. ❤️ I talk about how life isn't cute and can't be packaged into Pinterest's favorite slogans, adjusting our expectations for life to match the paradoxes of Scripture, and how Jesus gives life right in the middle of life's tensions. Hope you're encouraged to not lose heart in whatever you face today. And enjoy the screensaver! ...
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At the park yesterday while big sis had a First Tee class. ❤️ I never tire of the valley's view of the Shenandoah mountains.
Note to self for the day: try not to add anxiety to what you're walking through--sadness, pain, fear, confusion. Anxiety adds to my suffering. My anxious thoughts say, "What can I do to escape this, manage this, to feel better, to fix this, to distract myself?" But God says "wait on me"-- through the suffering (big or small). I don't think this negates action--it just means a soul-level rest in God. This is the battle for me. 🙄❤️
"Ima spider-web you!"
You know when you realize that God is really committed to what He's doing in you? 🤔

Me: "Lord, you're serious about teaching me to calm and quiet my soul, aren't you? You weren't just halfheartedly at work in me while you're busy with the rest of the world's problems, were you?" 🙄

Monday, I had some minor outpatient surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, and I've been in bed all week while other people take care of my life and my babies (Grandma). All I have to do (my husband keeps telling me) is rest and heal, so that I can go and be who God has called me to be. 😷

RESTING, so I can BE, and then DO. But so often we want it to work the other way. DO, and therefore BE, and then REST. 😌

Ah, just something I'm thinking about between watching Wonder Woman and taking another nap. 😌

p.s. the card is from the comfort and hope set (as a printable or printed card in the shop) 😘

p.s.s. I am recovering well. 🙂