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"So she departed and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers; and she happened to come to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz..." Ruth 2:3  NAS

She happened to ... She didn't know it but God knew she was walking into favor for history. She stepped right into the kingly line; grandparents of David and lineage of the Messiah, Jesus.

How many times have you just happened upon the right place at the right time? And you found out later that God was just happening you! "Do you suppose while you are happening, God is happening you?" God doesn't need great people the way we think great people.  God is looking for willing people who will serve him with a pure heart, "Hey, would You like to use me?  If You'd like to, I'm available.

God is willing if you have a willing heart "Maybe God could just use me." Resource: She Happened Upon a Field CD | Dutch Sheets

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Getting to know the Saul Paul of scripture!
Love walking into the time of Jesus and the life of this Called One! #paul #apostle
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-and quality time with @gatewayfrisco Worship Team! #worshipprayer 📷 @_philking
Leaving my Listening Chair having prayed and prepared to teach Gateway Frisco Equip Sunday 3.18 Noon!
Listening Prayer: Positioned to Resist, Stand and Defeat the Enemy!  #SpiritualWarfare 
2 Samuel 5:17-25

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A personal moment if I may.  42 years ago tonight my High School yearbook picture became a prophetic fulfillment when I surrendered my life to JESUS.  To those who loved and prayed me through the dark night of my soul into a place of receiving HIS love, I am eternally grateful!

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Prayer room time with my favs! @audreyjo.cook @monikquaqua
Two years ago tonight I released my first book, 
Adventures in Prayer: A 40-Day Journey
It was so fun to transport my prayer chair, listening chair and other special items from my prayer room!

The book has been translated into Spanish, I recorded an audiobook and the Hebrew translation is in the works.

The countless testimonies from men, women, young and old discovering untethered ways to live prayer has reminded me over and over again how much God created us to pray.

Abba, When I gave you my heart, 
I meant it. 
When I gave you my will, 
I meant it. 
When I gave you my desires, hopes and dreams, 
I meant it. 
When I gave you my life, I meant it. 
Love, Mary 
He answered, 
When I gave you My heart, 
I meant it. 
When I gave you My will, 
I meant it. 
When I gave you My desires, hopes and dreams, 
I meant it. 
And when I gave you My life, 
I meant it. 
Love, Jesus

From Day 28: Turkey

God is calling your name. He desires to connect with you in your everyday life. He has designed prayer to be a ceaseless communication with you and as you connect Him to others. 
He has plans and purposes to use your heart, your prayers, your tears, and your dreams to make heaven happen on earth. 
He has your name on His heart. Enjoy the journey. 
I have been and will continue praying for you. He wants to talk to you, meet with you, stretch you, grow you, use you, and enjoy you from here to eternity. 
Write your stories. Teach others to see God in the Scriptures, to hear His voice, and to obey. Invite others to join in your adventurous prayer life. 
Love, Mary Jo

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Please join us this Sunday at 12:00pm in classroom B with Ps Mary Jo Pierce for our Equip Class: The Adventures in Prayer: Listening Prayer and learn how to create a special place and create an atmosphere to be in the presence of God.
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Interior life!
Your heart the seat of eternal relationship with Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit 
Off-grid for awhile!
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Today is SPRING FORWARD,  a freshly pruned, new-life season.
Holy Spring has been hovering over prophetic words, nudges, dreams, visions, hope deferred words over your life, your family, this nation, the Church at large.

So many prophetic words and promises of God are waiting for us to ponder, pray and activate.

What is that for you? Dig into the scriptures. Walk through the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation and grab hold of what God is saying.

It was Nov 11, 2003. I was sitting in a classroom. At the end of class, Chuck Pierce looked at me and said, "Mary Jo, You have been through many ups and down this past year.  But you have continued to advance. Keep advancing. Your husband will come to understand your calling. In the Spring you will blossom. Keep advancing." Chuck knew nothing about my last year one step forward three step back year.
I knew nothing about what God has planned for me in the Spring 2004.

What I did know is a prophetic word, prompting, rhema scripture, Holy Spirit nudge was something to be pondered and prayed.

I looked up scriptures with the word SPRING.
"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it's spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19 "Angel of the Lord found her by a spring of water in the wilderness." Gen 16:7 
I looked up every 3:20 scripture (the Spring date)
The term spring is used as source of grace (Ps 87:7) I pondered and prayed.

Over the next couple of months I watched God order my steps, narrow my path, direct my divine appointments.  I prayed and pondered and obeyed the scriptures and what God was saying to me.

Over the next several months, a never-on-my-radar, never-expected, never on my dream-destiny-vision heart, never-in-a million-years His plans for this season of my life unfolded.
May 17, 2004 I joined the staff at Gateway Church to develop and oversee, to train, teach, mentor and mobilize Prayer and Intercession. A few months later, during presbytery, Clark Whitten said to Bruce, "You are a good man, you enable this woman to do what she does. Hear this. You’re a primary reason this woman does what she does.” 14 yrs.
Ponder. Pray. Obey!
Prayer and Intercession take you places you never go!