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Sometimes all you need is simplicity. I am currently back on intermittent fasting. Have you ever?  It’s a great way to give your digestive system a break.

Think of it this way. What happens when you own a car and never take it in for maintenance?  It runs terrible.

Think of fasting as giving your body the rest and maintenance that it needs. There are different ways to fast. Some love juicing for 2-3 days. Here’s my preferred method:

Have the first meal between 11 and 1.  This first meal could be anything you choose but keep it as healthy as possible. If you feel hungry, have a snack a couple hours before dinner which should be no later than 7pm.

Some of the benefits of fasting include decreased brain fog, more energy, blood sugar balance and less bloating. I do it for a couple weeks every month leading up to my Shred10 program which goes for 10 days.

People ask how I stay so lean, muscular and energetic.  It’s because I’ve learned to balance between the fun stuff and the stuff I really need.  If you’d like some guidance, send me a quick message.

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When there’s a will, you will always find a way. And when you have loads of faith, the right people will be placed in your path.

This entrepreneurial life is not for everyone but everyone should consider it.  While it’s true that business owners work ridiculous hours it is also true that there is an immense amount of gratification that comes with it.

I tell people I make my own hours and it’s true.  I always make time for fun but when it comes to getting things done, sometimes I fall short of my goals.  Can you relate? We want so much for ourselves and our families but life gets in the way.  Distractions happen and before you know it, you haven’t moved that needle!

That’s where having accountability can change everything.  We live at time when we don’t need to have someone by our side.  We can learn and hire coaches who are in a different time zone and skyrocket our success.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple years and that’s what I want to do for you.  Every successful entrepreneur understands that you cannot short cut success but having the right coach can help you avoid tons of frustration.  So if you’re finding yourself spinning those wheels and not getting far, it’s time to send me a DM.  I’ll give you a free 30 minute session loaded with awesome advice!

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“Do not fear the test. Embrace the lesson.” I heard this quote today from @nithin81 while at @liquidmorriscounty

We all go through struggles and often feel like we are being tested. It can be a scary experience and while you might feel like you can’t see the meaning behind it all, take comfort in knowing that there’s always a greater purpose and the lesson is revealed soon enough.

Wherever you are and as you read this, I pray you find peace and comfort and that the right people are placed on your path.

Happy Sunday my loves!

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Are you feeling me right now?
Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. - Rumi

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Give yourself permission to just be.

If you know me by now, you’d know that I come from a very introverted past.  This part of my personality kept me from seeing beyond my fear of being noticed.  Wow, now that I write it out it actually feels very liberating!  I just did not want to be noticed.  Leave me in my little corner and go hang out with the popular kids…

The person I was is different than the one I am and different still than the one I am becoming.  But I am learning to just be myself and use my experiences to help others.  If I can help one person deal with angst, pain, frustration, heartache and all the negative emotions that come from failure and limiting beliefs, it will be a blessing.  Notice how I said “deal” and not “avoid”. You see, we all go through good and bad experiences and we often want to get OVER those bad experiences without realizing that getting THROUGH them is what makes us stronger.

So if you’re someone who’s in need of some guidance, I’m positive there’s much we could discuss.  Reach out.  Comment, send me a private message.  Either way, I’d love to hear what makes you YOU and I’d love to help you get to where you need to be.

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One of the best pieces of advice is to stop doing the same things and expecting different results.

It’s the start of a new week. I challenge you to focus on where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.  Change can be incredibly fulfilling!

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I had an amazing conversation with someone who has always been very close to me and he suggested I post this insight because as we all know, life is a journey filled with many experiences and emotions.

The most important emotion is love and as we talked I explained how I read that most people fall in love three times in their life and the type of love they experience is directly impacted by the stage they are currently in.

Think, for example, about that puppy love you might have felt when young and still in school. If you’re lucky enough to marry that person and still enjoy lots of love and passion for decades, you’re the beautiful  minority.

Then there’s falling in love in your twenties and starting a family after you’ve had your fun. You’re ready to settle down and be an adult.  The kids may come and with lots of patience and prioritizing, you will make it all work.

Lastly there’s what some might consider a last chance of true love that sometimes happens after divorce or losing a spouse. This type of love can often be deeper and come from a completely different place deep within your soul. Perhaps this was the person meant for you all along.

But no matter where you find yourself, as long as you experience that joy, passion, understanding and deep fulfillment, consider yourself blessed. However, it’s important to remember that we must be open to loving ourselves before we can love openly.

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Just because you don’t have too much time does not mean you can’t make it delicious. All you need is a little planning.

Summer squash is in season. I love that they are similar in flavor to butternut squash but cooks in less time. Cut it in half, length-wise. Remove the seeds. Brush a little oil and place face down on a cookie sheet. Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until fork-tender.

Let it cool then dice it up and use it as a nutritious addition in your salad. Top with cranberries, nuts or even goat cheese and use a nice light dressing.

Roast it ahead and keep a bag of salad mix in the fridge.

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Do what you love and you will always love what you do.

Thank you @martesse for an AMAZING birthday #boxandflow class today at @ltaflorhampark and to these beauties who inspire me to keep going when the sweat gets in my eyes! ❤️ @kferg822 @rad387 @lisaengers
Love is…

Being OK with giving more than you receive
Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin
Hearing the voice of the ones you love
A long hug
Belly laughs
Butterfly kisses on your cheek
Being understood
Unexpected surprises
A long make out session just because
Looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling at peace

Love is whatever you make it out to be.  What is your definition of love?

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Are you up for a push up challenge?  Try this with me.

This is a short segment from my @strongbyzumba class. I wish I taught this class more often but every little bit counts.  If you’re around on Saturdays, come take a class with me. 💪🏼💪🏼 Tag a friend and challenge each other!

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