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I have a thing for drawing sports mascots and sharing them on here.
(Twitter: @AvaDrawsThings, AvaDrawsThings@gmail.com)


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Currently working on a bunch of these guys for the crazy weekend coming up (which consists of NFL Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star events here in FL) 
#mascots #mascotdrawings #nflprobowl #probowl #nhlmascotshowdown #pleasejustbeatthepatriots
Had to make something for @ucf.football @ucf.knightro during their biggest football season ever. Go get that W!

#ucfknights #waronI4 #Knightro #BeatTheBulls
Super ecstatic to announce my involvement in the creation of Swish, the new mascot of the Lakeland Magic!

I can't even explain how happy I am to reveal another character, especially for a team that I live close to. Can't wait to see him in action!

#LakelandMagic #LKLDMagic #OrlandoMagic #MascotDesign
I seriously had to make something for @cosmo_cougar after seeing him finally get more recognition lately. This dude is too good! #cosmocougar #mascot
He's not a typical sports mascot here in the US, but his antics and viral popularity made this guy sketch-worthy  #herothehedgehog #iaafworldchampionships #notaporcupine
Couldn't be happier about this year's fantastic Mascot Games weekend. It was crazy seeing thousands of people with my designs on posters, shirts, and video boards! Huge thank you once more to the wonderful staff at New Hope For Kids, and I can't even imagine what we'll be doing for next year's 25th anniversary #MascotGames #Mascots #NBAMascot #MascotDesign #YesMyDesignsWereOnAGiantJumbotronAndItDoesntSeemReal
Finally finished my drawing preparations for this year's Mascot Games (aside from the other materials I've designed) Can't wait for tonight and this weekend! #mascotgames
Since I'm going to be preoccupied with the Mascot Games in the next few weeks, I won't be able to attend Mascot U in Houston. To make up for it, I'm sending out all of these guys tomorrow (my desk was too small to fit everything in one pic) #mascots #mascotu #mascotsforacure
Crazy comparison of my art one year ago and now. Only 1 month until the Mascot Games! #mascotgames
Want to know how I got into drawing mascots, the characters I've designed, and the actual performances I do on the side? I've got you covered. Had an awesome time being interviewed by @mascotdiaries for episode 23! #mascotdiaries #mascots
I have a ton of awesome projects this year and couldn't wait to announce this one: I designed this year's marketing pacakage for the Mascot Games! 
This event has always made me excited for June, but I've never been as pumped as I am now #mascotgames #mascots
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