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crash and reboot call me crash bandicoot.
📷: 🌴 california x palestine 🌴


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that’s when you don’t. that’s when you know.
i’m a popular loner
i feel like david bowman when i hit the road man.
zig zag zig i’m a corner store kid.
never take shots without establishing pivots ✊🏾🇵🇸
don’t let them pour all over me.
two toned gemini, dull pink jeckyll and hyde.
always sunny even when it’s really crummy.
taken in the lobby of yodobashi. told them this is just a hobby so please do not applaud me.
shop ‘til u drop. work ‘til ur dead. get all u can. then get in the wind.
twinkle in my eye can’t mask my will. that’s that third world appeal. 🌹
but in the days of way back, i couldn’t be laidback. because i needed ends and i made that.