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If this were really happening, what would you think?

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center ⚫️
Twin Peaks-esque
uncovered some photos of that one time it snowed out here, back in 2011
#quoteoftheday Heat, 1995.
it's windy as fuck and cold as death. new half-marathon personal best. somehow, nineteen seconds per kilometer faster than the last time out. it's abundantly unclear how, but i'll take it. #halfmarathon #personalbest #runkeeper
I'm out. See you guys later. #inputyear #bmw #germantimemachine #2611
folks, i'm sorry to report it's now 2/3rds gone and there are only four of us eating it. super chocolate marble cake. good stuff @thechocolatecakecompany
new half-marathon personal best! way too many cars. Who are all these drivers and why are they trying to run me over? did find a $5 note though. #halfmarathon #personalbest
plant looks like it's been in a car crash
cursed image 526 #cursedimage
shoutouts to those three or four weeks in the mid-2000s when anything "noir" was automatically cool. here's to you. #NoirYorkCity
from adam curtis's superb HyperNormalisation #hypernormalisation