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Everything you ever wanted awaits you @terrapinxroads tonight at 7pm. Reach out and touch faith 📸@dbk_artworks #rock #livemusic #terrapincrossroads
This crew is back together for the first Marin County show of the year tomorrow night @terrapinxroads • if last time was any indication, it’s gonna be more fun than a root canal, just about as fun as a root beer float, and precisely in The Canal, so play it safe and show up #libertad
Have you listened to my new album yet? Even if you the link in bio • save it on Spotify • listen a lot • learn the lyrics • come to a show • sing along (but even if you stop after the 3rd step that’d be pretty great) 📸@ultravolta #newmusic #rock #folk #sanfrancisco
Going live here on Instagram this afternoon (~2pm Pacific). What songs do you wanna hear? It’s been a minute...excited to play for you all. Tune in.
#throwback to a Tom Petty tribute show last year. And what a grand old time it was. By the way, gonna do an Instagram live tomorrow so start dropping your requests in the comments, or in my DMs, or written in contrails across the sky 📸Craig Love #singersongwriter #teletuesday #tompetty #blackandwhite
flying on wings of wax • lots of new songs in the hopper and even a new album in the slow cooker #singersongwriter #outdoors
Next full band show is January 19 @terrapinxroads • I can’t wait! I wish it was today • 📸Craig Love #rock #folk #country #singersongwriter #bayarea #gratefuldead
“and I’m sorry but how can I get to you stuck in my 50 pound lead boots, stuck in my deep sea diving suit” • all that’s going through my mind these days are these wonderful Magnetic Fields lyrics, not trying to be cryptic! • 📸@dbk_artworks
we believe 📸Danny Katz
Why the holidays gotta do ya like that? Missing my sister who is off to study the coffee bean ☕️🇨🇴☕️🇨🇴☕️🇨🇴📸Stina
Very thankful for this week: two phenomenally fun shows and a national anthem for the Warriors. An auspicious start to 2019 that I hope will travel with me 📸Dan Kabanuck #livemusic #blackandwhite #sanfrancisco
Me and KD • pre-Star Spangled Banner • a minor miracle we even fit in the same frame • I thought we’d have to find me a stool #dubnation #kevindurant