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Last years @blitzbikesbeer was an absolute highlight and big goal for me to stretch my ability and comfort zone a bit on the mtb. For me it was a great success (and yes at one point both wheels were off the ground) and I really did become a better rider because of the prep and the race. Turns out returning this year post @dirtykanza loose and ready to have fun and maybe actually race, might have had me too relaxed. After dropping off my bike on the shuttle I jogged to my car to grab a helmet when I tripped on an extra stylish @vans slip ons (new meaning for me now, no blame to the vans corporation, all blame to my coordination), with a couple try and save it skips and a huge whiff to flat pavement and... maybe my biggest injury ever. Funny, how random life can be. How many times have I near missed on the bike in the trees or on the road to ask “how in the hell did I not just die”, to get taken down by a clumsy fall. Welp, surgery for me on Friday, and a whole lot of fun summer stuff put on hold till next year. But don’t you worry, I’ve got a bitchin’ lemonade recipe I’ll be tapping into soon enough. #lemons #lemonade #-lifepoints #fml #coordinationstation #kookslams #jerryoftheday #karmaisabitch
Wow, what a day. Turns out 12 hours of bike racing on gravel is pretty hard after all. Throw in the heat, hills, rough ass roads and the horrendous winds of Kansas and it’ll have you murmuring to yourself over and over “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” as you fade in and out of coherence. Glad I did @dirtykanza? Yes. Will I do it again? Check in with me after my underbits have regained consciousness. Super fun racing with the lead group of class riders for the first 100 miles till I had to succumb to a mechanical that was rearing its head from mile 60. No excuses, this IS part of the racing here, you HAVE to have your shit tight and be ready to adapt and work your way through any and all adversities as they WILL come your way. I’m proud how I kept it together to finish 17th in a star studded field with an age group 2nd 😜 (benefit to being old as dirt). The last 50 miles was an all solo mission fighting my inner demons and self doubt and of course the all headwind finish into Emporia (there was one .2 mile section of tailwind, which was nice). Thanks so much to the @dirtykanza crew for the amazing event and hospitality and a HUGE thanks to @guenergylabs for letting me represent them at what has been a bucket list race for me for a while now. I will say, when the going got tough I just kept dropping those gels and chews in my gullet and the watts came out the other end. Special thanks to @_dark_mark and @mitchbrekke for being the best crew a guy could ask for. Sweet pics by @mykehphoto #guforit #saltysquad #groad #groady #groadslikethese #dk200 #pnwbabes #theeastonadvantage #lifepoints
Welp, the hay is in the barn (not that one, another one) and ready to go all in here at @dirtykanza . It’s going to be my longest day exercising ever tomorrow, and here’s to hoping that means lots of new friends and stories to tell at day’s end. And don’t let the title #dk200 fool you, it’s 207 miles. WHEN WERE YOU GONNA TELL ME ABOUT THE EXTRA 7 MILES!?!? Wish me luck, and thanks to all the folks that made this crazy day possible. #guforit #saltysquad #groadies #groadslikethese #theeastonadvantage #konabikes #lifepoints #icefrictionchains #shimanogravel #castelli
Had a swell time at the @guenergylabs shake out ride this am with all the fun folks!!! More fun group pedaling tomorrow. Who’s the goon in the aero position IN the group!?!?
Threatening skies but welcoming #groads while out with the champ @jessemthomas today. Getting in the last few rides in some prime conditions before the pain next week at @dirtykanza. The anxiety over the unknown is starting to creep in, but that’s the fun of a new adventure, right? Going outside our comfort zone and into the unknown... #groadies #groadslikethese #lifepoints #guforit #theeastonadvantage #pnwbabes #dk200
Podiums are for pals, and awkwardness, and yeah more awkwardness. What am I supposed to do with my hands? Had a blast racing with buds, and making new ones out at @breakawaypromo High Desert Gravel Grinder. A hard day out there but hopefully another worthwhile deposit for @dirtykanza in just a months time. Double gulp. #podiumgirls #awkwardfamilyphotos #cycling #groad #imtired #guforit #lifepoints #theeastonadvantage
What’s the trick to actually getting on your bike for 7 hours of riding the day after a 6 hour gravel race? Send all your shit home with your buddies so you don’t have a choice. Got to ride some roads I’ve never ridden across a fair percentage of Oregon on Monday and am still feeling it today. Lucky to have had @deckerator to share pulls and banter on the lonely highways of our home state. Can’t wait to get back in this zone to explore some roads we found but didn’t turn down as the direct route home was priority one. 2 days, 235 miles of dirt, gravel and tarmac.  19,500 ft gained, 12,000 plus kj’s, and for you @trainingpeaks dorks 750 TSS. Oh and 7 @pickybars , 9 sleeves of @guenergylabs chews , 7 gels, 4 coffees, 9 tacos, 3 bags of chips, 4 cokes, 1 sore belly, and two roached gams. #roadtodk200 #dirtykanza #groad #groadie #bikes #guforit #lifepoints #eastonadvantage #imtired #theendurancecollaborative #gorgegravelgrinder
Heading back out to the #gorgegrinder this weekend for another year of racing and quality time with new and old pals. Been a staple first effort of the year for the last 5. Race day sign ups still available so come and get some, ya never know who will show! #oregongravelgrinder #groadies #gravelgrinder #grinder #grinded #pnwbabes #guforit #lifepoints #theeastonadvantage
Some days are for the long way around while others are for shortcuts. Today was a shortcut kind of day. I’ve been covering a lot of ground in Central Oregon these days training for @dirtykanza and I’m loving every minute of it. Oh, did I not mention, that I’m doing the holy grail of gravel races!?!? Pumped for the challenge and completely terrified all at the same time. Many thanks to @guenergylabs for making it happen for me this year and all my other bad ass sponsors for pitching in to make it a reality. See you on the (dirt) road. #dk200 #dirtykanza200 #dontfalldontfalldontfall #lifepoints #guforit #theendurancecollaborative #eastonadvantage #castelli
I’ve been spending a lot of time on the bike lately, both inside on @gozwift on the @cycleops and outside on some shreddy wintertime roads here #inbend. Both have their time and  place in the journey to race season fitness, it’s just about finding balance. I know I’ve personally found the right mix this year as when I finish one ride my mind is already wandering to what my next one will be. It’s always been the bike for me. #groadslikethese #theendurancecollaborative #pnwbabes #guforit #saltysquad #lifepoints #theeastonadvantage #rideon #bikes #groad #groady #bikelove #gravelbike #gravelines
Sometimes you win, and sometimes your nephew @kaidenlieto smokes you in a sprint finish. Pumped to race with the family today old school style in kona this am. #ohana #triathlon #geezer #lifepoints
Earlier today I was shocked when I saw $10 Avocado toast for sale at a local cafe. I followed that up with eating my first 2 eggs from our new lovely hen pals on cheese toast which cost me about $97 per serving. It's winter, and egg laying is slow, so it took a week to get a meals worth, but so worth it. Theoretically, maybe not financially. Good news is cost per egg goes down from here, maybe. #eggs #TOAST #Hennessy