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Went out in search of #firstsnow and all I found was some #brownpow. Well, that and some cold ass hands. Was real close to putting this stove to work today but someone hid all the matches! #pnwbabes #pnwonderland #herodirt-thehero
130 miles to Waldo Lake and back nearly all on single track over 2 days with some most awesome folks was the recipe for a great €#%*ing weekend. Thanks @wicknasty and the #konaadventureteam for the call up and the good times. More of this soon, I see some #brownpow on the forecast with fall weather finally on the way! #pnwonderland #pnwbabes  #rideordiechick #snackssnacksandmoresnacks
One last little spin out before my first go at a race that's been on my list for the last few seasons, #rpigravel by @rebeccarusch . Pumped for the adventures on two wheels, meeting some new friends, and taking in some rad vistas while seeing what these gams have in 'em. Nighty night! #gravellesstraveled #idaho #pnwbabes #gravelbike #eastonadvantage #lifepoints
My only moment of glory the last 2 days at #rpigravel was this a.m. during the neutral roll out to the stage 2 time trial up #dollarhidesummit (pictured). Gave it a swing after a mechanical shit show yesterday and came up with a big ol whiff while @iamtedking gave the us all a shellacking after starting in poll position. With GC standings out of reach at this point it's gotta be all in for the classic one day #rebeccasprivateidaho on Sunday. Meanwhile I've been having a blast riding these amazing roads and meeting some equally spectacular folks along the way. A rest day tomorrow with some more exploration and 🤞🏽, some #tightlines on the #bigwoodriver as well. #gravellesstraveled #lifepoints #fatguyinalittlecoat #idaholove
Back home after a successful week up at the @itumultisport #ituworldchamps in beautiful B.C.! Packed in two top 10 worlds Elite finishes in 48 hours in the Cross (off road) Tri and in the Aquathlon. I never make it look easy, but always happy to suffer and to get the job done this week while wearing the Stars and Bars. Thanks to the sponsors for the support as always! @eastoncycling @beachbodyperformance @aquasphere_swim @pickybars @castellicycling @schwalbetires. Already back home and prepping for the next ones! #painface #midpacker #lifepoints #pnwbabes #crosstriathlon #aquathlon
Excitement turns to horror when you find some mail theif took your @grinduro pin straight outta your mailbox. Yes, @sierratrails triple crown last installment has peeps straight trippin. #lostsierratriplecrown #seriouslythowheresmypin #iknowitwasyou-@elchristopherjones- #iwontbedeterred
#bikeshopbribes #castellicycling
No pool? No problem. Took the @aquasphere_swim Phantom wetty out for a little workout in the #yubariver over the weekend while down at the #downievilleclassic . River swimming is pretty different from a normal swim, but a fun way to find all the holes them trout are sittin in! #triathleteindownieville #pnwbabes #aquasphereswim #creeperphotography
Not every successful race can be or should be judged by how far up the results sheet your name lies, but for the experience gained in preparation for it. Got my ass kicked at the legendary @sierratrails #downievilleCX race this weekend, but I am STOKED as I had a blast on a course that would have TERRIFIED me a few years ago just getting down. One race left in the #triplecrown with the @grinduro in 2 months and I'm pumped about what I'll learn and the friendships that will be made and strengthened on the way to that finish line.  Also pumped to not have raced the all mountain event this year as it absolutely ensures that I will be back to this unique and all that I thought it would be event. #broriderback #broriderback #BRO! #endurno #pnwbabes
I very much did not want to jog mid road trip this evening. So glad I did. Beautiful silence out in way southern Oregon this evening and the first Horney Toad I've seen in a long time. Also, random ass perfect airport strip in the middle of no where. So good. #jogging #tojog #havejogged #horneytoad #horney #toad
With 5 races in 5 weeks and some big sessions in-between there have been a ton of empty @beachbodyperformance bottles in along the way.  The #energize, #hydrate, and #recover have been integral to getting through and onto the next race/workout ready to go. Next up @ironmantri #calgary703 next weekend. Pumped!
Rode my bicycle real hard down this road today in a race I've been wanting to do for a while now, the @tusharcrusher. With its 10,000 ft of steep AF gravel climbing in 70 miles and 95 degree temps, it's definitely one of the more challenging days I've had on two wheels. Amazing event that you should definitely put on your list! Pretty content to come away with 12th place with the road and dirt legends that were called up to that line this a.m. Stoked to have made some new buds and tired these pins out for my 3rd racing weekend in a row. #paccresttri + #6hoursofhood + #tusharcrusher = tired and ready for some late season triathaloning! #imtired #imhot #lifepoints #tushcrushed #skinnydudesbelike #pnwbabes #rimbrakesftw #eastonadvantage