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Earlier today I was shocked when I saw $10 Avocado toast for sale at a local cafe. I followed that up with eating my first 2 eggs from our new lovely hen pals on cheese toast which cost me about $97 per serving. It's winter, and egg laying is slow, so it took a week to get a meals worth, but so worth it. Theoretically, maybe not financially. Good news is cost per egg goes down from here, maybe. #eggs #TOAST #Hennessy
Good life choices. The 30 minutes of #mtshasta sunset skiing delightfulness that followed this pic will not soon be forgotten. Great day adventuring and stretching limits with pals. #lifepoints #gapealert #theendurancecollaborative
When a shitty winter gives you lemons (in the form of 60 degrees and sun), you make some delicious lemonade. I'm making it a point to find and ride roads I've never ridden this year and it's off to a damned good start. #groadslikethese #rideordie #prayforsnow #lifepoints #theendurancecollaborative
Hey winter. Where you at!? Having a blast riding roads not normally available this time of year, but we're real anxious to get rolling on some winter adventures. #prayforsnow #prayforgroad #wheresthesnow #eastonadvantage #lifepoints #theendurancecollaborative
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Roads like these. Here's to using them in the next year to deepen friendships, health, and your love for these special places. #roadslikethese #optoutside #ridehawaii
If 2018 turned out like my last day of 2017, I would be quite satisfied. More bikes, sunshine, coffee, and purpose coming at you in 2018. #ilikebikes #lifepoints #pnwbabes #theendurancecollaborative
I needed a flashlight it got so dark in the pain cave heading up Waipoli road today. That climb is steep AF and daddy (me) needs to drop a couple lbs and find a couple more teeth on that cogset. Never have I had my front wheel come off the ground on a road climb till the many times it did today. #steepaf #wptoomanykg #lifepoints #watertotheface #cyclemaui #theendurancecollaborative
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Looking forward to a year full of adventures on two wheels. What new challenges do you have set for 2018? #motivation #2018goals #endurancecollaborative #cycling #ride365
Another day, another bad ass loop in Maui. 6.5 hours, 105 miles, 11,000 ft of climbing with rain/wind/heat/cold. Oh, and Spam Musubi and some crazy secluded dirt shoreline roads to take breaks on ain't so bad either. #willrideforspam #snackattack #roadtohana #roadtohungry #roadtotired #kookcentral #imhot #imcold #groadslikethese #eastonadvantage #lifepoints #eastloop #mauicycling
The last time I carried my carcass to the top of @haleakalanps @strava said I climbed 9999 ft.. One foot means a lot sometimes and if I was gonna go up again I would not be denied my 10,000ft climb. Well played if I do say so myself. I will also say, doing this ride unfit isn't that awesome. But neither is doing it fit I guess. Haleakala, the best ride you'll never want to do twice (or 3 times). #tossinggps #cycling #gangles
How do you celebrate pulling off one of your life's best crash saves ever? Buy a pie on the way home of course! F that road was slick and had me pointed 90 degrees the wrong direction on that descent but my gangles and sphincter control saved the day! Whew! Hey @castellicycling, I'm gonna need a new pair of shorts. Seriously though, that was crazy and am glad I didn't high side into a coma today. That woulda sucked the wind outta Christmas. Merry merry to you all and of course #mahalobitches! #skidtown #skidtosurvive #p(ie)aia #cyclinglife
It's all come down to this moment. Actually, seriously, literally, the single biggest athletic accomplishment of my career. 5:30 beer mile. It doesn't look pretty but my ingestion capability finally pays off in any and all beer events. This moves me up to second Oregonian all time behind @nicksymmonds (well, between his 2 best times) and has been a legit goal for a while. Don't give up on your dreams, kids (unless it's drinking beers and running then you should give up on 'em 'til you're 21 at least). Anything is possible. Watch and enjoy. First beer is magic, 3rd sucked, but my insane running form got me home in a 68 to pull it off. Sound on to hear @serenabg yell like she's never yelled before. Thanks to @pickybars and @sarahoual for the inspiration. #lifepoints #midpacker #beer #beermile #dreamchasers #pnwonderland #pnwbabes #running #burp #hellasweetgloves @deckerator @jamestownwilliams #tacosalsaperiod #superdrunkperiod @rtrebon @pickybars @hellasweetgloves @earthquaker4 @damianschmitt @curtiss_feltner