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Oh man, this commute is a bitch. Busy couple days "working" over at the @islandhousetri, but now a day of relaxing before heading back home to some fresh pow pow! #workworkwork #bahamamamma #pnwbabes #boatardi
Seems a fitting way to be sent off from Maui this go around. Scattered, running around, yelling for help, and watching time tick by. 2 bookended user error mechanicals at @xterraoffroad kept me FAR from the front of the race from the start and then smacked me down once back in a decent (emphasis on decent) position with 5 to go on the ride. An extra few miles of running before T2 had me in a less than good mood but I tried to remind myself that someone else is always having a worse day and is still moving forward. Proud to get to the finish line running as hard as I could while encouraging the age groupers as they fought hard in their races. Lucky to do what I do and do so in some damn beautiful places with some awesome folks. Also lucky to make this flight by the skin of my fricking teeth! #maholo #kakua #mechanicalproblems #themidastouch #doasisaynotasido #whysoserious
Stoked for my 3rd chance this season to rep the #starsandstripes at a world champs here at @xterraoffroad in beautiful Maui tomorrow. Always sad to see the last start line of the year, but can't wait to play in the dirt tomorrow! #dirtyconfessions #mauiwowi #xterraworldchampionship
Taking the time to become one with nature and practice my Kama'aina before this weekend's @xterraoffroad world champs! #mahalo #aloha #kokua #kook
Can't find the right bowl for my post ride @luckycharms . #konaprobs #chrislietoprobs #mbn #triathlon #nomnoms
Look who I found @pickybars !!! @jessemthomas in a spot for a good run! #whysoserious #triathlon
2 legends and a hack. Thanks @lukemckenzie and @chrislieto for the opportunity to force these guys into riding with me. #konaqueens #bicycles #heat
Ahhhhh that weekend! So much fun hanging and exercising with good pals this weekend at @grinduro over in Quincy. Oh, and a race! Pumped to somehow hang on to my drop bars on the gnarly single track and finish 10th on the day and 4th in the @sierratrails #lostsierratriplecrown behind the 3 swell dudes pictured here. This just in... disc brakes are AWESOME! #pnwbabes #grinduro #triguyondirt
If ya feel like a giggle (or not) head on over to the @pickybars story and watch both @jessemthomas and yours truly get last minute prep in for our time in Kona next week!
Went out in search of #firstsnow and all I found was some #brownpow. Well, that and some cold ass hands. Was real close to putting this stove to work today but someone hid all the matches! #pnwbabes #pnwonderland #herodirt-thehero
130 miles to Waldo Lake and back nearly all on single track over 2 days with some most awesome folks was the recipe for a great €#%*ing weekend. Thanks @wicknasty and the #konaadventureteam for the call up and the good times. More of this soon, I see some #brownpow on the forecast with fall weather finally on the way! #pnwonderland #pnwbabes  #rideordiechick #snackssnacksandmoresnacks
One last little spin out before my first go at a race that's been on my list for the last few seasons, #rpigravel by @rebeccarusch . Pumped for the adventures on two wheels, meeting some new friends, and taking in some rad vistas while seeing what these gams have in 'em. Nighty night! #gravellesstraveled #idaho #pnwbabes #gravelbike #eastonadvantage #lifepoints