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Travelling the 🌎 looking for sports to watch beer to drink and food to enjoy. #YOLO #OttawasVeryOwn

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The one Guinness I drink every year. Cheers everybody!  Happy St Patty’s Day ☘️
Today’s look was inspired by 90s R&B. Thanks Khal for that ice around my neck. No way it works without it. #TBT
I may finally be getting the hang of this espresso thing. #PartTimeBarista #BaristaAtHome
-20 + -18 = -38 outside 🤔 #happynewyear
Sens win, freezing with your buddies. So 🇨🇦 What else could I ask for! #nhl100classic
It’s Finally here: Sens-Habs outdoor game! This final event of this crazy year long celebration of the greatest country in the world. So let’s put aside all the commotion surrounding these teams and celebrate something we all love as Canadians: Watching hockey with your buds! #Sens #nhl100classic #MinusWhatWithTheWind
A little #Charcoot ferda boys. #AppiesBevies
Thanks to the Sens once again for the awesome experience of watching warmups from the penalty box. Also a shoutout to Dustin for putting up with so many Dion Phaneuf Questions from @itravelinpink #Sens
Hurraaaaay Hard. Go Team Homan! #Curling #MakeTheFinal
A chariot fit for a queen. #GreyCup #SoCanadian #Shania
It’s 🇨🇦 Football so of course it’s snowing. Looks like we have made our picks too. #NorthSideSucks #GreyCup
Hey do you know where the Saskatchewan party is? #greycupfestival