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Travelling the 🌎 looking for sports to watch beer to drink and food to enjoy. #YOLO #OttawasVeryOwn

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Don't worry guys I'll keep that bench warm for you. #rnation
These plexiglass signs are becoming way too common in my photos. #greycup #ponchoselfie #staydry
This was quite the conversation starter at work this afternoon. Ultimate in #TBT technology.
Just a cool pic from the weekend I never got around to posting. #ottawa2017
Kudos to everyone involved in #LaMachine the idea of giant monsters invading your city should be terrifying, instead we had adults following them all over the city for a chance to gush over them like children.
That awkward moment when you've been holding down this corner for nearly 20 years and then this new spider shows up. #TurfWar #LaMachine
Need to go to whole foods more often.
What a weekend, now I'm starting to REALLY think these signs are everywhere. Had not been to Kingston in a very long time, definitely need to come back soon.
These signs just keep popping up everywhere #canada150🇨🇦
Definitely the most beautifully shot movie I have seen in years. Fact shot on film is unreal. Early best picture candidate?
Most fun you will ever have at a construction site. #Kontinuum #ottawa2017
I mean these light shows just never cease to amaze me. #ottawa2017 #truenorthstrongandfree #sendit