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I create handmade silver jewelry with carefully chosen gems✨ based in Sweden-Indonesia🌏 made with love💫🌻🌛 💌

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Love learning about new techniques and jewelry traditions. Went to a ‘bamboo village’ here in Lombok the other day and got the chance to see them work, also got a lesson in bamboo art!! Crazy talented and so fast creating everything from jewelrys to handbags💫🎋
Did you know that each stone has different energies and meanings?🌙 Choose one that suits you✨🍀🐚🌙
Beautiful carneol with silver details mixed with some plain silver rings✨🍀🌙💜🤗
Made with love🌙🍀✨💜
🍈 break! Been having a afternoon full of creativity🌙 New beautiful Mau Loa treasures ready to be delivered🌈🍀💜✨🤗
New design in the Mau Loa family🍀 check out this beautiful ‘moon’ bracelet✨💜🌙 here with a jade stone
I got company ✨😅💚
Stay tuned! This combo will soon be a new MAU LOA piece🌙🐚🦄✨