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You just can’t get any closer to these beauties than this. Indulge in a safari trip with Mauly.
Meet the cutest elephant twins in Tarangire National Park – the twins—brother, “Elon Tusk,” and sister, “Emma”.
Hike the tallest free-standing mountain in the world with Mauly. There are a variety of climates to discover along your route.
The name Simba is a Swahili word for the lion, which also means ‘aggressive’, ‘king’ and ‘strong’.
The Retina Hippo pool is one of the few places that allows you to leave your vehicle and view the hippos on foot.
The secretary bird has traditionally been admired in Africa for its striking appearance and ability to deal with pests and snakes.
Tanzania is one of Africa’s best birding destinations, with over 1,100 species .
Zanzibar Island, a.k.a., The Spice Island, was an important stop in the Spice Trade centuries ago. Today, it is one of the few places in the world where saffron is produced.
Tanzania is the only African nation whose tribes represent all four of the continent’s major ethnolinguistic groups—Bantu, Cushitic, Nilotic, and Khoisan.
Zanzibar has sands with the consistency of castor sugar! We know you’ll love it!
“Perfect tour with the perfect team” is what we aim to provide you when you visit Tanzania, a place we call home.
Mt. Kilimanjaro stands 5895m / 19,340ft above sea level, this snow-capped mountain is Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s highest free-standing volcano.