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This shit is bananas
The best feeling in the world is seeing this. My beautiful wife running towards me. She’s my rock. She keeps everything in perspective. She is truly amazing. She really understands me. She really listens. And never judges. I will love her until the day I die. And when I get to whatever here is after this, I’ll find myself a bench, roll is a blunt, and wait.
My baby and I bought a car!!
“Yeah, I’ve been in love before, but I promise could not amount to, the way I feel about you, the depth it would astound you, just let my love surround you, confess at best profound too, undress and let’s do round two, because words do not contain but it’s insane because I’m all up in my brain and it’s about you”-Maverick The Misfit
I love the mountains this time of year
707 Headband live resin. Headed through the mountains with my baby
You're my everything, and every day with you is the best day ever😜😘
My wife is so freaking beautiful I can't even handle it😍😍😍👌💯
Look at my baby! Black lights at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Miss you bro
Oscar Pancake Hixson. Newest edition to the Hixson family. Dwarf Holland Lop. 2 months old. Born in Phoenix, Arizona.
A little late with this but I married my best friend. I love Myrra Hixson so much. 1-17-18