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Dab life. #bluedreamshatter
My amazing wife. No matter what she has on she’s a perfect 10. I remember before we met, we were friends on Facebook and I used to look at her photos and think, damn, I’d like someone like her by my side. And I got her. 😍😍👌😘
When I was young, I thought I knew what love was. I bought I knew what it would be like. But I didn’t. I wasn’t prepared to be so maddeningly infatuated with someone. But then I met Myrra. She came to me when I was at my lowest and picked me up. She gave me hope. She gave me life and I could never pay her back. But I’ll spend the rest of my life trying..
Just look at her. She’s the most amazing woman ever. Every morning I smile because the first thing I see is this angel sleeping next to me. I get to go home to my best friend every night. No matter how hard her day was, the first thing she does is make me smile and laugh. I have never stopped falling in love with this woman from the moment we first met. From our first slightly awkward conversations trying to get to know each other, to the nights we’ve cried together trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Every up and down we’ve faced one thing has never changed. I love you. And you love me. And as long as we remember that, there isn’t a single challenge we can’t overcome.
Newest member of our little family. 3 year old Heidi Hope Hixson. She was abandoned at the shelter because her owners moved somewhere they didn’t allow pets, 😢 she looked so sad when we went and saw her, but once we took her home she has been non stop smiles. 😊😊
“Summer body, winter smile, utter hottie, with an inner child, when she come around, can’t help but smile, might have to wife her just to life her have her stay awhile”-Maverick The Misfit
Cancer ribbon for my aunt who beat cancer, and a pink panther smoking a blunt cuz fuck it lol
You make me want to just lay in bed all day lol. Every moment with you is perfect
On that work grind
This shit is bananas
The best feeling in the world is seeing this. My beautiful wife running towards me. She’s my rock. She keeps everything in perspective. She is truly amazing. She really understands me. She really listens. And never judges. I will love her until the day I die. And when I get to whatever here is after this, I’ll find myself a bench, roll is a blunt, and wait.
My baby and I bought a car!!