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Attention citizen: this is your daily reminder to STOP TRUCKING IMMEDIATELY 🚚🚛
This is David Perdue. He sold us to ISP lobbyists for $39,000.

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Big shoutout to all these really cool people. (But mostly me.) #comedytonight #musical
"Self-Portrait" Maximilian Mozzarella Sr. (1968)

Gotta spice up the usual cycle of absurdist satire and despair with a few heavily edited selfies.
Taking a homework quiz when you have done none of the homework #honorcode #apcalculusbc
@rickyawesomeness #13ofmyvest
I like to imagine that I'd be good at every part of owning a band except for actually creating and performing music. Here's the cover art for our first fake album, "Reductionism???"
Hey there boys, girls, and friends beyond the binary. I'd be positively chuffed if you donated to the Milton Chorus fundraiser. $20 will get you a nifty coupon card for free ice cream and donuts, also redeemable for one high-five, or (down-low of equal or lesser value). If you can't get one in person, there's a link in my bio where you can donate directly. DM me if you're interested, and I will respond accordingly, possibly in the form of a trochaic villanelle. Thanks!
2006 called, and they want their phones back.
#procrastination #apcalculus #art #urt #doodles
Picture taken immediately before I am smitten by a vengeful, ancient god #chill #encofosho2k17 #encofosho #blaspheme