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Love and travel as much as possible.
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You just try your best not to get hurt
I used to be mad but now I know
Sometimes it's better to let someone go
It just hadn't hit me yet
The older I get 🌠
Who could have imagined that Taylor Swift was right about love this whole time?
O mar e o céu e euzinha vivendo a vida que mais amo. 🗺️❤️ #crewlife
Bucharest woke up gray because I'm leaving 😂
Bucharest is lovely, but it has its days. Concrete jungle with massive buildings and then there's me in the middle of all this, as if I had just fallen here one day. I really feel this last month helped me close a cycle in my life and it involved so much self knowledge, self love and days and days of asking my heart and brain to shut up. Til they did and I heard the butterflies playing around in my stomach as if I was living everything for the first time. I had moments of pure gratitude for the life I have today and I have of vision for my life now that was so blurry before.
The phrase I live by is "remember why you started". Remember why you chose your job. Remember why you love who you love. Remember what brought you close to your now best friend. Remember why you left home. And for me everything started with love, all the aspects of my life are based on love.
I love you, Bucharest. I mean: te iubesc, București. Time to go back to all the other things and people I love.
Few years ago, this was exactly where I was standing when I first called this place my home 🏡❤️
Brasil, já tô quase aí de novo 💚💛
Queria escrever algo bem topzera aqui, mas a música nova da Wanessa Camargo com a Francinne consome qualquer pensamento que eu tente ter
É cada lugar lindo que existe nesse mundo ❤️ gratidão
@alinaeremiaoficial, îți mulțumesc pentru muzica ta în fiecare zi, nu știam cum sa explic cât de mult te iubesc dar sunt atât de fericita ca te am văzut. ❤️🦄
The lights are so bright but they never blind me ❤️ Foto da @camilarique com seu equipamento profissional.