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Beauty under the hot Arizona Sky
Maya is looking for Chef volunteers for The Mollen Foundation ‘s Harvest of the month program. If you are interested call me . We do five schools once a month plenty of room for all!
This is our future! If you want to. Volunteer please feel free to connect with me.
Maya’s Farm brings joy to the world
Drying the harvest! So wonderful to have free dried herbs:) rosemary, mint,
I just harvested beautiful scapes from my Italian rioja, does any one want some ?
The aroma of fresh poached peaches is heavenly
Here they come.... @ Wednesday Uptown Market Community Exchange table
Garfield’s Garden is Glorious! MollenFoundation and Maya’s Farm educating why local organic food matters!
Today at Garfield we created harmony for our students , Reading!!!
Seed saving Zulu Prince for Alice Waters
Today our Garfield Grizzles really enjoyed the garden today