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My religion ❤️📷 @mirigbd
Don’t dim your light for someone else to shine ✨
This outfit was made during my visit to Togo 2 years ago with @alaffia I remember going crazy over all the beautiful prints and having the hardest time picking. The prints also looked so similar to the dresses my filipino mom and aunties wore around the house to clean. When I started to dig I learned Ankara prints aka African prints, Holland wax, Dutch wax use the ancient wax resist dyeing technique which was and is highly developed in Java, Indonesia known as Batik print. This technique is also found during the AD’s in Egypt, China, Japan, India. Batik was imported from Indonesia to West Africa by Dutch traders in the 19th century and is named after the capital of Turkey, Ankara. Proud to celebrate my Asian, Poly, African swirl history. Swipe right 👉🏾 to see how this fabric was made. #blackhistory #asianhistory #ankaraprint #batikprint 🇹🇬🇮🇩
This look is inspired by my Ankara @besidaonline outfit that I wore to the film Black Panther which is life altering, ground breaking, historical and my childhood dream come true. As much as I appreciate knowing the origins of my last name Washington, I know I am more than the great great grand daughter of a slave. I’m so tired of watching that story you have no idea. I’m tired of the stereotypes played out in the media. I’m so ready for more iterations of who we actually are and were before we were conquered and had our history and stories destroyed and burned. We were Kings and Queens, Explorers, Architects, Scientist, Scholars and yet where is that story? It’s waiting to be told and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Yes to dark skin taking over Hollywood. Yes to black love, self love. YES to this film! Thank you @blackpanther, the cast, the crew @disney @marvel for taking a chance. This film is truly iconic and a must see for everyone especially young children. Special thanks to @besidaonline for this gorge top! #blackhistorymonth #seeingisbelieving
God is Love and has my whole heart. Happy Love Day 🔥
I had the hardest time picking a powerful woman from the Black Panther Party but this is dedicated to Kathleen Cleaver, Activist, Professor, Author and Communications Secretary for the BPP aka a power house voice to be reckoned with. Cleaver leveraged her intelligence, awareness, education and passion to liberate black communities from injustice. She fought for what she believed in and put her life on the line. Yes she is FAIR and that comes with “privilege” which she used to mobilize change for her community. She’s also still alive and at work! Swipe right for more 👉🏾 #blackhistory #blackpanther #powermoves
It’s Black History Month and I’m honored to team up with @ATT to celebrate the unsung heroes of yesterday. Our opportunities today were made possible through their struggles & I am forever indebted. Ella Sheppard, get to know her 🎶 #HistoryByUs #ATT28Days #ad
Once upon a time I was a voice over actor and had the pleasure of being the voice of children’s book, Jazz Age Josephine. Very much a dream come true then. Now for a biopic :) #blackhistorymonth #josephinebaker #blackpearl
Josephine Baker took talent, beauty, fashion, dance, comedy, entertainment, activism, and all things she loved, channeled it into her craft and voila! Swipe to view more 👉🏾 #blackhistorymonth #josephinebaker
In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to have fun and transform into icons who inspired me growing up. First up, Josephine Baker who transformed her life from living in shacks and rags in St. Louis to being a revolutionary performer in Europe. Who inspires you? And ideas for transformations? #blackhistorymonth
Big chop, who dis? More on my stories 💇🏾‍♀️