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Mont. Co. ACAC is committed to creating a no-kill community. We are an open-admission, government-run shelter in Christiansburg, VA. #MCPetAdoption

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Want to take a cat on a walk? Whisper is your girl! She loves going for walks wearing her harness and leash. On top of being adventurous, she’s super friendly, gentle, and loves people — she’s even good with kids, so she’d be a great family cat. She truly is a special kitty. Meet Whisper at the Animal Care and Adoption Center to see if you’re a purrfect pair! We’re open 11am-6pm weekdays and 11am-4pm weekends.

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This is SweeTart, a professional napper and one of our oldest residents at the Animal Care and Adoption Center. We call him Sweetie for short. Don’t worry — he might look a little sour, but he isn’t! He just has very fluffy eyebrows. Sweetie is looking for a home where he can nap to his heart’s content and get lots of loving scratches. This kitty is actually the 16-year-old younger brother of Colin, our most recent cat of the week. They would love to be adopted together, but it is not required.

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptableCat #cat #🐱 #🐈 #adoptdontshop
TJ is the total package. He’s energetic and goofy, and he has such a sweet personality. At times, he can be quite skittish, which may be related to his unknown past. He needs a loving home where he can learn how to be a happy, healthy dog again! TJ warms up to people quickly, especially if you offer a chin scratch. Come by to meet him if you think you might be his furever family. We’re open 11am-6pm on weekdays and 11am-4pm on weekends!

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Big smile! This is Colin. He’s 17 years young with a playful spirit, energy to explore, and a loving personality. In addition to having the cutest vampire cat teeth, he also has beautiful green eyes. Colin loves getting scratches, so come by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to visit him, and maybe even take him home!

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptableCat #AdoptDontShop #cat #🐈 #🐱
Dune is less than a year old, and he definitely has that curious, playful puppy energy! He’s good with other dogs, and he loves to play with humans, too. Tug-of-war is one of his favorite games! He has been known too be possessive of his food, so potential owners be aware. Stop by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to see him! We’re open 11am-6pm weekdays and 11am-4pm weekends.

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptableDog #AdoptDontShop #dog #🐶
We had a few folks from the Citizens Academy visiting us today learning all about the Center and meeting the animals. 
Looking for an affectionate kitty? This is Sneezy! She’s goofy, she loves any toy with strings, and best of all, she just loves humans! When some cats run and hide, Sneezy comes out to play and say hello. Come by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to meet this sweet girl! We’re open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm 😻

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptableCat #AdoptDontShop #cats #🐈 #🐱
This handsome boy is Brick! He’s super friendly and energetic, and he has the sweetest personality. Even though he’s a spry 1-year-old, he also enjoys having some quiet time with a toy or a treat. Brick would be a great companion for running or going on an adventure! Stop by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to meet him! We’re open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm.

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptableDog #dog #🐶 #AdoptDontShop
Meet Black Widow! Don’t worry, she’s named after the superhero, not the spider! She’s only 1, but she’s already a mama to a litter of Avengers kittens. She’s a little shy, buts she warms up to new humans with time. She could be the superhero cat for you! Stop by the center to see if you’re a purrfect match! We’re open Monday-Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm.

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😋 Ace is a very excitable and playful 7-year-old. He loves people, playing frisbee, and especially getting scratches! You might fall in love with him after seeing the bliss on his face when he’s being scratched. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out, too! Come by the center to meet him.

#MCPetAdoption #AdoptDontShop #AdoptableDog #Dog #🐶
We are overloaded with kitties! Check out Joker here, surveying the chaos of her kingdom from the quiet comfort of her rooftop bed. She’s a calm, go-with-the-flow kind of gal, and more of an observer than a doer. Scroll to the second picture to see a photo of this pretty girl! 😻

Stop by to meet her and all the other kitties! We’re open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm.

#AdoptableCat #MCPetAdoption #AdoptDontShop #cat #🐈
Wow! 🙀 We are so thankful to the folks at Spectrum for donating so many supplies to provide to pet adopters during our #ClearTheShelters event Saturday! 😻🐶 #mcpetadoption