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Mont. Co. ACAC is committed to creating a no-kill community. We are an open-admission, government-run shelter in Christiansburg, VA. #MCPetAdoption

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Eight-year-old Zoey is one of the longest residents at the Animal Care and Adoption Center, and she very well could be the perfect dog to take home during #AdoptASeniorPetMonth! She is a smart gal and easily follows a number of commands. This 50-pound pittie mix is sweet and curious — and she enjoys a good treat! She does well with children, but may work best in a home where she is the only pet. She is also house trained. Stop by the Center to meet her. 📷: @fiftycentlovephoto 
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Hubert, 8, may be getting up there in age, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his energy level. He’s very lively and happy-go-lucky, and he seems to be up for just about any adventure. He has some Heeler in him, so he likes to chase things. He would do best in a home without cats. If you’re looking for a happy and active best friend at your side, Hubert might be your perfect companion. It’s hard not to love him!

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Our next featured cat for #AdoptASeniorPetMonth is meme-able Tabby, who is 10 years old and hopes to be the lap cat of someone’s home. He is a gentle giant with the sweetest heart and a love for humans (and the scratches he gets from them). Best of all, he likes to stick his tongue out when he’s content — which is all the time! It is so easy to fall in love with this handsome kitty. Stop by and meet this big sweetheart at the Animal Care and Adoption Center.

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Nine-year-old Zobique is one of our longest residents at the Animal Care and Adoption Center, coming up on one year of living here. She’s a sweet and friendly girl who enjoys to do things on her own time. She’s been searching for her forever home for quite a while, and we’re hoping she will find it during Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Potential adopters should be aware that she is FIV+. Stop by to meet Zobique! We are open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm.

#AdoptASeniorPetMonth #MCPetAdoption #AdoptableCat #cat #catsofinstagram #🐱 #AdoptDontShop
**ADOPTED** For #AdoptASeniorPetMonth, we’re featuring the oldest residents of the Animal Care and Adoption Center who are searching for their furever homes! 
Goldman holds so much joy in his little beagle body. Even at 10 years old, he has tons of playful energy. He will romp around with you all day, but he also loves taking a break to get scratches or to sit on someone’s lap. He’s an explorer, a sweetheart, and totally best friend material. Come on by the Adoption Center to meet this sweet pup!

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Baby Bel is one sharp kitty! She has a beautiful and unique calico coat, and she definitely belongs on Purrject Runway so she can own the catwalk. If you meet her, you’ll notice that she has an amazing model walk. Baby Bel loves to play with her humans and her toys, and she always plays in the gentlest way. Not to be cheesy, but you could make a gouda pair!

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Nala is a gentle soul who matches the energy of the people around her. She’s shy at first, but she is easily won over with her favorite things — treats and walks. Even though she’s calm most most the time, she will get excited if the people around her get excited! Once she gets to know you, you might even be the recipient of her gentle pup kisses. Visit the Animal Care and Adoption Center to meet Nala! We are open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm.

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We have so many cats in need of homes! Purrhaps one of these kitties could be your purrfect match 😻 These are some of our adoptable cats. Meet Malibu, Sneezy (**ADOPTED**), Charmina, Skitty, and Cinderella (**ADOPTED**). They are available for adoption, along with many other cats at the Animal Care and Adoption Center. Come visit and see if anyone catches your eye — or your heart!

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**ADOPTED** Cinderella came to the Center in the summer with her kittens. They’ve all been adopted, but she’s still here waiting to find her forever home. She might not be friends with mice and birds like Cinderella in the movie, but she is dreaming of living in a palace (or even an apartment) with her new family. Come by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to see if you could give her a fairytale ending! We’re open 11am-6pm Monday-Friday and 11am-4pm on weekends.

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**ADOPTED** Sweet 3-year-old Chrissy is the most gentle girl. She plays well with other dogs, and she wags her tail when she sees kittens. We think she’s a couch potato at heart, but she just doesn’t know how to be one yet. Chrissy is quite shy, so she needs a patient home where she can learn how to be a playful pup again. Even though she’s skittish, she still loves people! Stop by the Center to meet this sweet girl. We’re open weekdays 11am-6pm and weekends 11am-4pm.

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Remember Wubbie? She and her humans stopped by for an interview and visit. It was great to see how happy the whole family is!
This is Mack! He’s a little shy in new surroundings, but he becomes much more outgoing once he gets used to the place and the people. We call him Inspector Mack because he’s so observant. If he watched TV, he’d probably watch crime dramas and guess the culprit immediately. You and Mack could be crime documentary buddies — stop by the Animal Care and Adoption Center to see if you’re a purrfect pair of partners in crime.

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