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With colleges & jobs you need to apply, but the Magi in the Christmas story show us that, with Jesus, everyone is accepted!
#Matthew2:2 #mc3Extras
We are excited to announce our #mc3Missions 2018 Christmas Project! 
Operation Enduring Homes, led by mc3 supported missionaries @tomnwendyhogan, builds earth block houses for families connected to our mc3Missions partner Trigo Y Miel in Oaxaca, MEX. They are in need of a work truck to transport materials to each jobsite, and mc3 is going to help toward that purchase!
From now through December 23, you have the opportunity to help by purchasing a pickup truck Christmas ornament from the tree in the mc3 lobby for $20 each. Our goal is to sell all 96 ornaments, which will take them almost 1/3 of the way toward their current need!
Check out for more info about mc3's partnership with Trigo Y Miel through @forward_edge
#mc3AfterGod wraps up this Sunday, with an extended "After God...After the Point" response time!
ICYMI, here are some pics from last night's *[this is your spot.] A Big Ol' Meeting* for everyone who serves on an mc3 ministry team.
Unable to make it last night? Don't worry--we have another one scheduled for April 2019! #mc3Church
An extension cord is merely the conduit for the REAL power source! are we.
#1Chronicles21:6-7 #mc3AfterGod
When you miss the shot, do you leave the ball on the court and quit...or do you admit your mistake and move on?
#Psalm51:7-8 #mc3AfterGod
You have been invited to sit at the King's table--what's holding you back? Come to the table.
#2Samuel9:11 #mc3AfterGod
Are you a FANATIC about Jesus...or just a casual worshipper?
#2Samuel6:21b-22a #WhoSaysYouCantTailgateAtChurch? #mc3AfterGod
When you're in the middle of your disaster, sometimes you need to change your perspective. 
After God... After the Point #mc3AfterGod
Sometimes things on the inside aren't as healthy as they look on the outside. How's YOUR heart? 
#mc3AfterGod #1Samuel16:7
While we often bike for pleasure, there are cultures where bikes are NECESSARY for life. 
For Christ-followers, serving should also be a WAY OF LIFE! 
#Caring #Acts2:45-46 #mc3ChurchClub
#mc3ChurchClub Wraps Up This Sunday!