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Here's what we dropped off today for the  MiffCo CYS School Supplies Collection! Wowzer, mc3!
We're still collecting supplies through THIS Sunday, August 13.
#mc3Messengers Resumes This Sunday!
When shopping for a mirror, the frame and extra gimmicks don't matter as much as how well it reflects. Will your legacy reflect Jesus? #mc3LessOfMe
For many things in life, "almost" isn't good enough... So why do we settle for "almost" when it comes to following Jesus? #mc3LessOfMe
#mc3LessOfMe  Continues This Month!
A shout out to @remingtonwalters for his planning, diligence, and hard work by using his Eagle Scout project to build a stage for mc3! Thanks for enhancing our worship and teaching ministry!!
We need to be willing to put aside our fears and say the hard things...even if that means calling for help after a sledding accident. #Matthew3:7 #mc3LessOfMe
Our ministry teams wore simple, plain t-shirts, because God calls us to be willing to give up our "extra" for His kingdom. #Matthew3:4 #mc3LessOfMe
Obedience requires us to put aside our own wants and desires...even for something as simple as a traffic light. #mc3LessOfMe
And they're off! 
#mc3Missions @forward_edge
Good Friday: The cross was the beginning, but it wasn't the end!
Find out how it ends at #mc3ForEaster.
#mc3Three #goodfriday
In just a few days we will be celebrating the most significant event in human history--the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! Perhaps you aren't sure about this "Jesus thing", or you haven't been to church in a while...or ever. Consider checking out #mc3ForEaster this Sunday at 10am as our guest, with no strings attached and no pressure, to see why we think Jesus is such a big deal!