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Waziba and her best friend.
Waziba and her best friend ( according to Waziba)
Waziba was suffering from fever for last 3 days. Alhamdulliah today she is feeling better.
Waziba ❤
Free as a bird. ❤Waziba❤
Waziba with a broken kite.
Time flies so fast. Waziba met our Big boss yesterday.
House of creativity. House of designer dresses. All the best to House of Ahmed.
Checked in. Looking forward to next 3 days in Miami. #GlobalTiesMiami #IVLP
Breathtaking performance by Tony Vincent. Vincent landed the lead role of Galileo Figaro in Queen's musical, We Will Rock You on London's West End. He also performed "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Queen marking  Elizabeth's 50th anniversary as monarch. And Orchestra wrapped around the original sound is worth experiencing
Paying a visit to champ's boyhood home where he was born and grew up.
Confidence, Conviction, Respect, Dedication, Giving and Spirituality. Six core principles of Muhammad Ali.