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4 years of pure joy.
Y’all, babies don’t keep. But, they do keep you smiling, laughing, they keep you up all night, they keep you busy, and some even say they keep you young. Above all, this sweet girl keeps my heart so full it can burst into pieces. I told her to give me her best “model” look...Nailed it! 😂 #happyfourthbirthday
Happy Friday! Well, we made it through the week of daylight saving time change. Even though with a rocky start, we pushed through. Now, it’s time to celebrate my first baby, all weekend!! How is she four already?! 🙈🌷🐇 #springvibes
“back off AC, they’re my crackers.” -Lanie 💜😂
Hip hip FRIDAY!! 💙
How is it, my first baby will be 4 years old in 28 days?! #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort
please and thank you. ☕️
I’m a “succa”  for cute and bright things. And Hobby has all those cute springy things! 🌵🌈 #punsoffun
Happy Monday! 🥓+☕️= ❤️
For some reason this screams “spring” to me. I think I need spring. All the Pastels, fruits, flowers...warmer temps, I need you.
The best part of winter is when it’s over! Just over here dreaming of warmer days. #ineedwarmerweather #beachdaysarethebestdays