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B A T H R O O M • 
This bathroom has been cheering me up every morning. I've waited 2 years to do any improvements to our house and this was the first room we tackled! I love it and do a happy dance everytime I step into it! Wait till you see the before pictures! 
#diy #bathroom #bathroomgoals #newbathroom #homeimprovements
T W I N N I N G • 
Love seeing #meandmyampersand framed card and the baby grow presents on these little munchkins! Available for £2.50 on Etsy page! 
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This is pretty much the most Instagram photo I've ever taken! #smallbusinessshoutout #wombmates #aoifeandevan
E A R L Y • M O R N I N G 
Up as the sun is rising in Ibiza waiting to leave for the airport. Had some lovely pictures of the kids enjoying the sunshine.
#toddlers #toddlertruths #kids #holidays #sunshine #ibizasun #memories #memorymaking #backtowork #backtoschool
I B I Z A • F E E L S
Fallen in love with this island, it's very beautiful and has given us a lot of warm feels just what we've needed after a hard year of career struggles, family worries and emotional stress. Wish we had another week of sunshine, but sounds like we're flying back to a cold York! #kids #toddlers #family #stressreliever #holidays #ibizasun #sunshine #eivissa #alwaystaketheweatherwithyou
M U G G L E S •
When your sister @dellygallagher produces the most hilarious photo shoot you've ever seen! #harrypotter #potter #wizards #muggles #witchcraftandwizardry #harrypotterflatlay #twins #twinlove #hilarious #babies #mumoftwo #kids #photoshopt #hazpot #magic #wand #gryffindor #gryffindorpride 
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The day finally came, the twins got their owl letter from Hogwarts! Evan is already practising his spells (this picture has filled me with so much joy even if the lightening scars may have been too much!) I love my little muggles.
E S C A P E • 
Had a moment of wanting to escape these to today but they were great fun to hang out with most of the time! #meandmyampersand #kids #parentingfails
S H E • B E L I E V E D • S H E • C O U L D
In the haze of events yesterday my focus was on my dad and how he was coping because he carried on with everything he had to do without a moments rest. But my sister was also right there by his side on the phone to the ambulance service throughout it all, despite recently giving birth to twins, having them luckily asleep nearby. Like my dad her instinct kicked in and she was able to be calm, strong and everything that people needed. 
Blown away by how lucky I am to have these people in my lives, not forgetting my mum who also kept 4 children safe throughout the ordeal. Life will move on today, people in the streets won't know what they've just done, but I will. Love this human @dellygallagher #mumgoals #brave #strongwoman
H E R O • 
This is my dad. He is my hero and has been for so many reasons in my life. But today he just topped any thing I've ever known. Today my dad tried for 30 minutes to save a life. A life of a man he didn't know, who had died on my dads back doorstep. He battled performing cpr until the paramedics arrived and did everything in his power to save the man who unfortunately lost his life. My body shook when I heard what terrible events had unfolded at their house as purely one of life's horrible and cruel tragedies. He didn't want me to tell him how proud I was of him, that the paramedics couldn't thank him enough for his efforts or that everyone around him is lucky to have such a magical man in their lives. Tomorrow he is still going to work to teach people first aid. Because it's his job. I'm praying tonight for this poor mans family, who despite everyone's efforts are without him tonight. I wanted to squeeze my dad tighter as he drove me home, but he wouldn't let me. So much love for him, I hope he knows. My dad, my hero.
R E M I N D E R •
When I don't want to wake up at 5.30am, this was a great reminder that I can make my day what I want it to be. Today I'm going to do the Hokey Cokey, and it's going to be all about that. Positive vibes. Out for delivery to a new customer today. Check out our Etsy page. FREE DELIVERY on all items. #toddlertruths #toddlers #kids #ampersand #hokeycokey #positivity #positivevibes #allthelols #smallbusiness #smallbizshizz #shopsmall #shoplocal #madeinyork
A C C I D E N T S • 
I've successfully washed the cover, but what do I do about the soaked in wee on my couch! Argh! #toddlers #toddlertruths #kids #pottytraining #wee #weewee #piss #accident #toilethumour #notfunny #smellycouch #meandmyampersand #parentinhfail #mumlife
P O S I T I V E • V I B E S
There's still Sunday to get things done. I can do this! #mumlife #toddlertruths #toddlers #lifewithkids #mumfails #parentingfails #kids #workingmum #weekends #jobs #workinglife #9to5 #247 #andtherest
B E A C H 
Early birthday walk in memory of the ever smiling Sophie Spicer. Think of you always Mrs Spicer, and the beach was the perfect place to do that. Now we're off for an icecream with the kids, happy birthday for tomorrow. Xx