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I guess this is where my priorities are
matcha and Margaret Atwood
I love you, honeybear
Taken at the women’s march in Cleveland. The only person who can determine your consent is YOU.
My contribution to #metoo. For years it has been very difficult for me to share my experience and find the right words to speak about it and the struggles I have faced. To those not posting, you owe no one your story. You are still strong and you are still loved and you’re valid too. Let’s use our voices to make this movement the beginning. Let’s start discussing and spreading awareness of sexual assault and harassment and strive to end the stigma surrounding rape culture. No one but yourself has entitlement to your body. No will always mean no.
my room, the fire hazard
an essential ✔️✔️
I spilled chai in my shoe
the nosebleed sun bled on me 🌞 @losgrowlers
um I can’t believe I touched Brooks Neilson?? RIP
a trip is not complete without lattes (and his cappuccino)
hello, PA!