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Tonight’s episode is my favorite... The fall of the Clovis First Theory. We touch on a topic I love — were some of the first inhabitants of North America... GIANTS?! #legendsofthelost 8/7c only on @travelchannel
Tonight we investigate one of the most enduring mysteries of the ancient world... Watch a neuroscientist map my brain waves to put the theory that Stonehenge has mystical healing properties to the test. 
Tonight at 8|7c on @travelchannel ! #LegendsOfTheLost @wessexarch
Thanks everyone for watching #LegendsOfTheLost. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the first episode. 
The photos from the forest are from the night of my vision quest. I spent some time before looking for my staff. The staff is used as a type of divination tool — It grounds you and keeps you connected to the earth through your fear (of being eaten by timberwolves, bears or Nordic phantoms). Being alone in the woods after midnight is not fun...
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I’m answering your questions about tonight’s episode of #legendsofthelost here on my Instagram, so tune in 8|7c on @travelchannel
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Excited to share the new trailer for my show Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox premiering Tuesday Dec. 4th 8|7c only on @travelchannel #legendsofthelost
#throwback to when I was a Christmas alien for the Armani holiday collection 👽🎄🖤
Empowerment is worth flaunting.
Happy Halloween🎃