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herbalist >> yogini •• earth, song, dance, craft, community, spirit >>>•<<< life as living poetry >>>•<<< Tending the Hearth

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repost @navdanya_navdanya >>>
check out the gorgeous golden #yokes on these duck eggs ✨🥚✨===morning quiche magic
#lovebreakfast #divinenourishment #brainfood #duckeggsfordays
A scene from the iPhone on our October wedding night.... {photos came back last week and they are 😍😭🙌 because @terrasuraphotography is incredibly amazing} excited to share soon ♡ 
photo: @codymastel
The most beautiful group of women. I am humbled and honored to know you and walk this journey with you. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for being. ♡
#sangha #shakti #jaima #maidenmothercrone #womensempowerment #selflovejourney
closing circle 🌀
doorways of France /explorations of the heart 
photo: @codymastel
full moon // moon time // a lover who feeds you cinnamon apples and chocolates in bed
Timely Mercury going Retrograde in Sagittarius, reminding us of the beautiful gift of self-reflection.

The cosmic messenger says, “Slow down, take a perch and assess the current situation.” Time to release all the weight we have been carrying and open up to this moment now. Opportune time to venture inward, explore our inner realms and listen to the incoming high frequency guidance and insight.
∞ @mysticmamma
wine country 🍇🍷
/ loved these beautiful French landscapes and discovering villages by bike. Many stories to be shared, in time, as I process our trip.
le beau voyage // also, been living in this outfit.
My team. I love how our relationships have grown+strengthened as we grow+strengthen. Siblings by blood and now more than ever by heart.