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35mm & 120mm, Nikonos & Pentax 6x7


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Rediscovered film story time. These photos were taken by my mother ~17 years ago. We found this shot and undeveloped roll this past weekend bundled up with an old Canon that she took with her all over the world. From Europe, to the Middle East and the Americas. I dropped the roll off to get developed not really expecting anything on it at all. It had been kept at variable temperatures in various cupboards, boxes and garages. Magically enough there were these incredible photos of some of our dearest friends from a trip to Cornwall. Analog photography is such a treasure trove, from the skill it requires, the intentionality it inspires and these crazy time capsules that draw us back through time #inthebloodline
My mum is moving out of my childhood home and I’ve been going through all of the boxes I’ve stored there over the years. These are some scans from the first year I started shooting water. I don’t remember what I thought about them back then, but I was happy to find them now! The ocean’s little abstractions #nikonosproject #portrapushed #staybrokeshootfilm
So thankful for sunshine poking through the clouds this week #nikonosproject #staybrokeshootfilm
Views close to home #konicabigmini
Magic land #worldoceansday
Little details from warmer mornings than we’re having currently #nikonosproject #sunshinesoon
Ants in the morning #nikonosproject
A little bit of dry-land work to mix things up. This past weekend my cousin got married up in the cowboy paradise that is Mariposa County. These are some of my favorite outtakes from the weekend #filmforever
I had the chance to chat about so many things I love dearly on the @analogtalkpodcast last week. Photography, the @nikonos_project, the ocean, a book I’m working on. It’s always so nice to talk to people who are as excited by film as I am. Thank you to everyone who has listened so far! Sneaky digi snap by @jackbernnie #filmforever #pleaseexcusemypostflusupersnufflyvoice
84 degree water and ever looming thunderclouds #bali #indodreaming #nikonosproject
Hiding from the rain #nikonosproject
Blue Monday #nikonosproject