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👀10 mins comfy steam heat for healthier & brighter eyes!
🌛 Ease into deep relaxation for a good-night’s sleep

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30 minutes, that's all it takes for MegRhythm's Good-Night Steam Patch to soothe and ease you into a state of deep relaxation! It releases a comfortable 40'C steam heat that envelopes your neck area to deliver a pleasant sensation for a restful sleep!

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There are various different positions that you can get into, but the only one that can get you into deep relaxation is at the base of your neck!

Activate your relaxation point with MegRhythm's Good-Night Steam Patch and allow the comfortable 40°C steam heat to ease you into a good night's sleep.

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Have your eyes been ballin’ too hard? Relieve with MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask Relax & Go's soothing 40°C steam heat and refresh with the after-use cooling menthol sensation.

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√ 10 min half-time break recharge!
√ Relieve tired eyes with 40ºC steam heat
√ Refresh with the after-use cooling menthol
Exclusively sold in Guardian stores.
Put a sunny tint on your Mondays with MegRhythm’s Steam Eye Mask in Chamomile-ginger Aroma!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! Thank you for being our very own Superhero, just remember to make time to relax your eyes and have adequate sleep!
Traveling can mess up your sleep cycles. But getting quality rest is important to enjoy your trip. The Good Night Patch will help ease you into sleep after a long day out.
Looking for a travel companion for your relaxing holiday?
Take our Steam Eye Masks along to up your relief factor!

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Gear up for your best June yet by having quality sleep every night with MegRhythm’s Good-Night Steam Patch!

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Can you count how many sheep there are?

You can definitely unwind by counting sheep, but we think our Good-Night Steam Patch is a more comfortable solution ;) Buy now:
What keeps you up at night?

Share with us in the comments below and the 3 best comments stand to win a box of our newest Good-Night Steam Patch. Contest ends 21 May, 2359.