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Acoustic | Cuppa | Soft | Quiet | Laid Back

#kkcity #kklife #kkcafe
There's a hello at the corner.
Found it.
The same Wa Tan Ho from Damai.

They said that the famous moved to Taman Cantek and yes, no signboard. Just a stall.

Same row as Little Kitchen.

#kkfood #kkcity #lido
I Saw Durians hanging on the tree!
✈️ Everything will fall into place, just be patient.
✈️ There's always rainbow after the rain.
Be patient as journey awaits.

Any one who would love to join me for oversea trips?
😁 日常生活简约是Okay,但偶尔也该对自己好一点。
One of the signature.

Claypot Pan Mee.

Once in a while, being here to taste chili pan mee felt real good.
It's the time we spent & laughter we had.

Phone is an issue, to end a relationship.
Thanks to my my friend for treating lunch, while I forgot to withdraw cash!!! I think good to have e-wallet everywhere lo. 🙄