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🌿creating my own paradise
Fashion blogger ~ Unsuccessfully Cliché
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Don’t understand people that don’t like vegetables!  vegetables are love vegetables are life 🌻. #vegetarian #healthy #plantbased #europe #freshfood #vegetables #garden #nature #natural
Summer afternoons 🌞🌻
Currently figuring out how travel and make money at the same time 😭 
#croatia #beautiful #travelling #travel #backpacking #interrail #europe
Venice was beautiful, got about 10 countries worth of throw backs enjoy 🤷🏾‍♀️
Bucket hats are my favourite hats 😬
Creating my own paradise that  I can carry around everywhere I go
Mission completed
Gonna miss seeing amazing views like this all over Europe it’s been an amazing life changing experience so so lucky to have met some amazinngggg people sad it’s ended but life goes on !
Venice 🌞
Venice you pretty city, I will be back with my lover
Fallen in love with split
Croatia has been amazing.that is definitely an understatement.