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Supercars in Melbourne, Australia.
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A couple of tractors spotted in Hawthorn by @ewanbenno. Rarely is a Hummer H1 dwarfed by another vehicle.
Taking in the Ferrari F40 never gets old, does it? From every angle, it drips with ‘classic 80’s supercar’, be it boxy angles, pop-up headlights, fixed rear wing, and even the iconic triple exhaust (the middle of which is the turbo wastegate). Fortunately for us, Melbourne is home to good handful of them, with another one soon to arrive from Europe. Stay tuned... This one was spotted on Toorak Road over the weekend - what’s your favourite part of this motoring icon? Gorgeous photos, @ryanjohnhughes.
A 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo spotted at Chadstone yesterday - in this case 'NA' must not stand for naturally-aspirated. Do you like the optional clear taillights and Fuchs-inspired 'Sport Classic' wheels?
Great photo, thanks @mitchcrawf!
A debut spot for this Lamborghini Huracán Performante thanks to @hudsonpavlou_ who spotted it this morning in South Vermont! Finished in Giallo Inti, it’s the eleventh we’ve seen in Melbourne.
One of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Edition cars, this is livery number 49 - ‘The Lauda’. Named after Nikki Lauda’s famous 1975 312 T racecar, it features Rosso Corsa exterior, with white highlights and Italian flag stripes throughout. Matte gold wheels and enlarged airbrushed Scuderia shields on the side fenders are also featured. In the interior, special Peccary leather has been used throughout - a type of pig leather that was used on racing seats in the 1970’s because of its superior grip. Well spotted in Richmond, @kaynejohns.
It’s always a pleasure to post Melbourne’s resident McLaren F1 - today spotted in Richmond by @kaynejohns. From this angle, you can see the V12’s air intake in the centre of the rear window; apparently when you’re one of the two lucky passengers in the car, the sound of the air being sucked into the howling 6.1L BMW engine just next to your ear is like nothing else. Not that we’d know! It’s a perfect day for spotting - what have you seen out and about? Let us know in the comments below.
A stunning Ferrari 488 GTB in Brighton that we’ve not featured before. 
Since they first started arriving in early 2016, we’ve seen close to 50 in Melbourne - that’s not counting Spiders. 
Great photo, @not_your_average.bro!
Melbourne’s newest McLaren 720S looks nothing short of spectacular. A trade from an Audi R8 V10 Plus, it was spotted yesterday in Richmond by @gabby.sarg - thanks for the pics!
The Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale has certainly aged well since its introduction in 2011. A more hardcore version of the standard 2007 GranTurismo, it has stripped out 110kg and features a Ferrari-sourced 4.7L V8, and even some parts of the single-clutch gearbox are shared with the legendary 599 GTO. Some might say that a seven year-old grand tourer doesn’t make buying sense with so many other options in that segment in 2018, but we’d recommend listening to that naturally-aspirated V8’s symphony at 7,500RPM before making any judgement… According to Maserati in 2011, only 15 examples were planned to be shipped to Australia and NZ, with only another 20 of the updated four-seater versions (of which this is one) arriving in 2013. Good spotting on Bay Street, Brighton recently @angelkotevski.
Like father, like son... The resemblance between the V8 Ferrari family is obvious when comparing the previous generation 458 Speciale Aperta (on the left) and the new generation 488 Spider (on the right). However, a difference you can’t see is the addition of a twin-turbo on the 488, which remarkably increases power from 445kW to 492kW over the SA. This pair is arguably a poor comparison, however: the Speciale version of the 488, the Pista, pumps out a whopping 530kW. Are you taking outright speed on the right, or driving pleasure and collectibility on the left? Good shot at Lakeside Stadium, @sam.rajniak.
There are worse cars in which to be stuck in traffic. The Rolls-Royce Dawn, released in 2015, is the marque's third oldest model, followed by the new Phantom and recently launched Cullinan SUV (refer to our story).
Thanks for the photo, @brianchenplus!
Four variations of Lamborghini Aventador invading Toorak Village this afternoon! What’s your flavour?
Blue Aventador S 💙, red LP750-4 SV ❤️, orange LP700-4 🧡, or yellow LP720-4 50th 💛? Another great spot, @houstonwehavenoproblems!