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Missing those sunny days in #Israel with him☀️
#fpf Flower Power Friday 🌸🌼🌺
No better day to share some of our favorite wedding photos then on my love’s birthday. Happy birthday chaim sheli, for many more years to celebrating together! ✨💛🥂 #storyofus #mazeltovlosbelos 📸 by @lovetribeweddings ( Eran finally saw them! 😃)
There are so many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to choose from in Tel Aviv. But when it comes to brunch, you can’t go wrong with Benedict 🍳🥐
Endless summer ☀️💙
Alleys full of history #Haifa #Israel
We stopped in Haifa in one of the best falafel places in Israel. I got a bit distracted and wandered off the little streets...totally worth it 😍
You know where to find me ☀️
Sneak peek of the beautiful photos @lovetribeweddings took on our special day 💛 I’m waiting for Eran to see them so I can finally share with all of you! #storyofus #mazeltovlosbelos #elopment
What do we want? Equality. For who? Equality for ALL.  #pride cc @salesforce ✌🏼🌈🦄 PC📸@rosavjerez
Descubriendo rincones ✨
Because “flat” is also sexy 😉 #nyc