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👭👭where my girls at? oh yeah we’re all going to comic con next weekend👭👭 @TVGuideMagazine
it is time @supergirlcw #season5
Today’s the last day of #mentalhealthawarenessmonth but @idontmind keeping the conversations going ♥️
season 4 finale of @supergirlcw tonight✖️do svidaniya
nope. NOPE. @yellowfund
New ‘do, courtesy of @riawna who made me feel like a million💰💰💰
oregon rivers with drifty boy
This #mentalhealthmonth I’m joining @idontmind in saying that our minds matter, and we need to talk about them.

The thought I have most often now when I have anxiety or depression is that I just want peace. Peace of mind, peace from the stressors in my life, from the self hate I tend to give myself. As easier said than it is done (especially in today’s world), I think I feel the best and the most myself when I strip everything away and look at myself plainly and honestly—that means chucking my electronics in a drawer for a bit, taking things a step at a time, and making the active choice to say #idontmind who I am in this very moment, and I want to be a part of the world around me. ♥️◾️