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This is our stunt coordinator @burnettsimonstunts 😎 I’m not sure what we’re doing here but trust me he’s a certified badass and it’s probably cool
😲 do I put on a cape now? yessssiree @supergirlcw I’m heading for ya 💓 and I can’t wait to see all my friendsss
Prepare for 🧀: dreams came true for me this summer. seriously. this is my last weekend at @beautifulonbway and these photos basically capture how it felt. a whole lot of love, gratitude, joy, and hard work; a company of fantastic human beings; and of course, the legend herself, @carole_king 🔆
🕷very much in retrograde. go away mercury
There is now a caricature of me on walls where there are many caricatures of much more amazing people. Thank you, @sardisnyc 💛 what an honor!!! 👀 and Liza Minnelli’s there 😭!!!!
alright 🧡💥
still pinching 🧡
some moments in life are simply surreal. @carole_king came to see @beautifulonbway tonight and I have no words. thank you, Carole, for coming, and for being such a magical light of a human 🧡🧡🧡 📸 cred: @lizthelarsen
⚾️♥️⚾️ @yankees
I’m sitting on a ☁️skirt