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Monday nights are for exploring new studios in LA and building strength 💪🏽 with my #adidasRunnersLA girls. Last night @thestudiomdr kicked our butts! 🍑 I’m already signed up for their Total Body class on Wednesday! 🙌🏽 #TheStudioMDR #adidasRunnersLAdies
1 month down as husband and wife, a lifetime to go! 😍 #WhenTwoBecomeTodd
Literally dripping in sweat at last night’s session at @trainingmate in WeHo with #adidasRunnersLA. @reubenmourad reminded me of how weak my upper body is compared to my lower body (swipe for my photo NOT killing it at the ropes 😂)! But had so much fun with my girls and can’t wait to come back again soon. Any other runners feel like their arms are noodles compared to their legs?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ (Full review of @trainingmate up on my blog, link in bio!)
This dance is a testament to what a father’s love can do. Prior to this day, my dad couldn’t walk more than a step or two. Somehow, we managed an entire 4 mins together for our dance. ❤️ Halfway through I asked my sister to join in on it too, since she likely won’t get a father/daughter dance with him. 😢 It was incredibly emotional and so, so special. Guys, it really sucks to lose a parent so slowly. But I try my best to look at it through a positive lens as much as possible. Weekly, I ask my dad to just share stories I’ve never heard before— especially stories from BEFORE he was my dad. It’s been pretty cool to hear all of these memories that make him, him. And it’s those times I’m thankful to have the time that we DO have. 🥰 Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads, you don’t know how much your powerful and incredible love shapes us all.
Just a bunch of babes running on a Friday night to save the oceans. 😍 #GRLPWR #RunForTheOceans
It’s crazy to think that it’s been a whole year since I started my journey as an adidas Runners Captain. And it all started here, at Run For the Oceans. We’re doing it again this year, in Venice tomorrow (it’s officially sold out, so DM me if you want to come!). For every 1 km @adidasrunning will donate $1 to the foundation (use link in bio to link your account so YOUR miles count). Did you know that every piece of plastic ever created still exists in some form? Plastic does not go away. 😭 That’s why Adam and I have decided that for however long we can, we are going to dedicate one week a month to being single use plastic-free. I know it’s going to be tough, but we’re already prepping for it in little ways. We start this Sunday. Who’s in?! ♻️🙋🏽‍♀️ #RunForTheOceans #adidasRunning #adidasRunners @adidasrunners #adidasRunnersLA
Excited to announce that I’ll be a part of #TeamULTRA again this year! 😍 This year I’ll be adding PLOGGING to my training. Never heard of plogging? It’s a combo of running + picking up waste along the way. Plogging not only helps the environment, it’s quite good for your health. Think squats while running. 🙌🏽 If you missed out on @NYCMarathon drawing this year, here’s your second chance! Enter by 6/17 for a chance to win a bib by sharing a picture of you plogging + using hashtags #TeamULTRA and #contest! ♻️ #ULTRAAmbassador
The best vacations are MOVEMENT-cations! I’m headed to Chicago on July 13th with @rarax3 to experience MOVEMENT by @MichelobULTRA. For $35 you’ll get two workout seshs, workout gear, a mass meditation, and good times with Michelob ULTRA and your friends 🍻. Use the link in my bio to sign up! (Bonus: use code MOVESWEATBEER for an additional 10% off) #ULTRAAmbassador #LiveULTRA
Father’s Day is still a few weeks away, but introducing y’all to my dad a little early. This is my papa, in October last year he was admitted to the hospital (after being chronically ill for some time now), since then he’s been in and out for various reasons, with his weight dropping to below 100 lbs. He missed every single event leading up to our wedding, from our engagement party to our wedding shower. For the past 2 months or so, he hasn’t been walking at all, his muscles atrophying as the days went by. Each day he got worse or didn’t eat, and so many times I cried to Adam wishing we could move our wedding date sooner. He made it his goal to be able to give me away and dance a 4 min song for our father/daughter dance — it the was his first time since October he’s been out of the house or out of the hospital. And I mean, LOOK AT HIM — proudest papa in the world. 🥰 He’s a FIGHTER. And I hope to be just as strong as him one day. #BeAWattersGirl
Kayaking in the bluest water we ever did see 😍 Fun fact: Palawan is ahead of Maldives in the top beaches in the world list for 2019! So sad leaving Palawan 😭 But off to explore Bohol today! More on @travelingtodds! #TravelingTodds #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines
Married AF and living our best lives. Hands down the most beautiful place we’ve wandered to. #IslandHopping #TravelingTodds @travelingtodds
Untouched photo from our wedding. 😍 Adam said to wait til I get the real deal, but I’m just bursting with so many emotions right now. 🥰 We are luckiest couple in the world to have so much love and support all around us. We can’t thank everyone enough for making yesterday the best day ever!!!!
Venue @la.venta.inn
Photography @joelengson
Wedding dress @watters
Tux @theblacktux
Flowers @flowersbylaurel
Makeup @cindykimmua
#WhenTwoBecomeTodd #BeAWattersGirl #TheBlackTux