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One more?  Her father bought her the flowers without having seen her birthday dress fabric and they just happened to match perfectly. #geraniumdress #madebyrae
Birthday dress #geraniumdress #madebyrae
This is what he calls, "helping to decorate the cake".
I wanted to take the easy (and quick!) way out and just hammer on snaps, but she cried for pink buttons with pink button holes.
Quilt top is finished.  This is from a couple of days ago.  A lot of the quilting is now done.  I'm conidering it giftable.
jam session while mama sews
Four days and eleven rows to go.  A quilt top makes almost as nice a gift as an actual quilt, right?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I couldn't get it to work on Instagram, but there is a little movie of my eldest Irish Step Dancing on my blog if anyone is interested.
Cutting quilt squares while the angel baby dreams...