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Knitter, seamstress, gardener, homeschooling mother of 5 - living, loving, and learning in the mountains of New England.

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Early morning planning and intention setting.  Only I’m just getting to this now, well into the afternoon.  Which is the kind of thing you have to roll with sometimes when you find yourself going to bed at 5 in the morning.  One thing I’ve learned is that officially starting my day late is better than never really starting it at all.  We’ve been sick again and my head is swimming things I’m afraid of forgetting and nagging little hints of the things that I’ve already forgotten.  It’s time to try to focus and get back on track and create a little peace of mind.
Details: I sketched some of the leaves and flowers myself and some I printed out from various sources on-line.  Mairi helped to pick out the colors (note the lack of pink and purple!). My original design was far more complicated, but it felt like it was taking ages to complete, mostly because it was (!), and I ended up skipping a lot of the motifs that I had plan to work through the larger flowers.  #mairishandcraftedwardrobe #geraniumxp
While Steve remains unemployed I’m trying my hardest not so spend any extra money, so when Miss Mairi Rose wanted a new dress for the dance I had to get creative.  Her only requests were no pink and no purple.  I thought a circle skirt would be festive and fun for spinning and this pale blue shirting was the only fabric I was certain was sufficient.  The bodice is a Geranium dress with lace trim at the collar and eyelet trim on the 3/4 length straight sleeves from the Expansion Pack.  I drafted a knee length circle skirt to use in place of the one the pattern calls for.  The sash is also from the Expansion Pack.  I love the dress just plain.  I have an understated streak that I don’t honor often enough.  But I knew it wouldn’t be fancy enough in her eyes.  I needed some pretty detailing to make it extra special.  After a great deal of metal debate, I finally settled on the hand-embroidered sash.  I'm happy to report she was very pleased.  #mairishandcraftedwardrobe #geraniumdress #geraniumxp
The updated snowy window report: it’s getting dark in here.  Six inches so far today, six yesterday, a foot the day before.  Over four feet in under two weeks.  This winter has been incredibly hard for my family.  Not the snow, though it’s always kind of annoying at this time of year.  That just feels like all of the snow that we should have gotten over the winter and didn’t.  But the sickness has just been endless.  We all feel like we’ve been sick all winter with just a day or two of reprieve in-between.  Besides that, it’s just been a heart breaking struggle in so many ways.  I will be very happy to see the back of this winter, whenever it finally decides to be on it’s way.  I don’t know that fresh and blooming things will really help ultimately, but I’m more than willing to give it a try!
He made himself a new shirt for the homeschooler's dance.  There was a loose 80's theme.  We were just working with the best of what we had on hand.  I think this kind of has a late '70's feel...something about the colors and the brown yoke in particular, so I feel like it more or less worked for the early 80's too.  #elijahshandcraftedwardrobe
Photo from the end of last week.  The chickens are not happy!  So far we've had over 3' of snow in the last 11 days and still going strong.  It's still really coming down out there!
From a series of Harry Potter portraits by 12 year old Galen.  There are probably at least fifty more.  There are papers covered in characters flung all over my house.  I’m amazed at the progression in artwork.  Looking back at #galens_artwork and the portrait he drew back in November you would never guess that this was the work of same child a mere 4 months later.
When you are embroidering in low light in the evening and discover a number of *blue* leaves and stems in the morning.
rrrrright.  Anyone want to come help shovel??
Pretty in pink.  Last one, I promise!  The pattern is the Norwegian Fir Top Down Cardigan.  I made a couple of modifications to make it a little more like the Lottie Cardigan which was one of the other sweaters I was considering making.  I added additional button holes and ribbed cuffs.  #knitting #seraphinashandcraftedwardrobe  #norwegianfir #lottiecardigan
Buttons and details. #seraphinashandcraftedwardrobe
Last month I finished Elijah’s Lopi sweater and Galen’s “Oscar” grandpa style sweater.  I’ve just finished Seraphina’s Norwegian Fir top down cardigan (shown here.  I altered the pattern slightly). Currently I’m knitting up a little dress and working in the ends on a rather large crocheted blanket, both for this wee girl’s upcoming 4th birthday.  Reading wise, I finished and greatly enjoyed The Martian.  I read A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind in the Door, both by Madeleine L’Engle with my younger book club, The Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch-Perkins to preview it for Mairi (very cute details about old time life in Holland, but quite a lot of gender bias). I’m not sure if I mentioned May B. by Caroline Starr Rose last month?  A very interesting writing style and a great book for middle school aged children.  #knitting #yarnalong #seraphinashandcraftedwardrobe