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Knitter, seamstress, gardener, homeschooling mother of 5 - living, loving, and learning in the mountains of New England.

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I took this picture with the intention of posting about looking out the window, watching the snow, knitting, sipping tea, and trying to think if there is anything that I could possibly say to convince my family to put on something other than playoff football (the obvious answer being of course not). But now it’s going to be a knitting growl.  This was a last minute birthday gift for a friend.  I finished this slipper.  Sewed it up, worked in the ends, and grabbed my last ball of that yarn, only to find that moths had been at it and it fell apart every 5 inches or so.  GGGGRRRRRRRRRR.......
This has to be normal behavior in someone else’s house, but I’m not sure that I wish to meet the other people whom it’s normal for.
Why?  What do you do during a snowstorm?!?
My own little room.  Finally, finally, finally cleared out and cleaned out and patched and painted in the soft, palest shades of peaches and cream and ready to start filling with all of my sewing and knitting and someday soon (hopefully!!!) my loom!
Pink yarn for my wee pink lovin’ girl, who carried these skeins around for most of the day.  I thought I had a pattern picked out, but I keep waffling.  So many sweet little sweaters, so little time!  Anyone have a favorite girls’ cardigan patterns in worsted weight?
And my birthday babies now.  Eighteen and nine, respectively.  #geraniumdress #geraniumxp #mairishandcraftedwardrobe
Also this one.  Born on her brother’s 9th birthday, 9 years ago today.  I’m feeling all the emotions tonight.  As a side note, the only two times that we’ve ever had to call 911 have occurred on their birthday last year and the year before.  I know it’s somewhat irrational, but I’m seriously feeling anxious on that front!
Can't believe that this little baby of mine will be 18 tomorrow.
Sleeves and body all ready to be joined together.  Now comes the fun part, the yoke!  I’m looking forward to seeing how the pattern works up in these colors.
Galen's nature journal (and a bit of mine).
Nature Journal pages by Mairi Rose (8) and Seraphina (3).
Nature journaling on the first day of the new year with some brand spankin’ new art supplies.