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Knitter, seamstress, gardener, homeschooling mother of 5 - living, loving, and learning in the mountains of New England.

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I've enlisted Mairi and Galen to help make a new set of napkins for Thanksgiving dinner.
Pear and parsnip teacake ready to slip into the oven.  After a wild month and a half off of the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol some nasty symptoms have landed us back at full-on AIP, much to the dismay of many.  I’m trying my hardest to soften the blow, but these restrictions really make the holiday cooking/baking season feel like a burden rather than a joy.
Tree by Seraphina.  They are so excited and I am so trying not to panic.
Stitching by Elijah.  I'm in the midst of a major book binding project with ten kids from our co-op.
It's been a long day.
My sauerkraut is doing a crazy-cool color meld thing...
Your recommendations of the very best books for 13-15 year olds please?
First bit of snow.  The girls ran out to eat frozen raspberries.
When your 15 yo son asks if you can knit him a lopi sweater and you’re all like, “Sure sweetie, whatever you want.”, while secretly jumping up and down inside clapping.  This picture brought to you be rainy-day gym time at our homeschooling co-op.  Precisely 3 seconds after this photo was snapped I was called upon to mediate a disagreement between two sisters (not my girls....this time). After which I was conscripted into the ice-cream business by Seraphina, which consisted of her riding a tricycle and me walking behind her, dragging a wagon full of “ice cream” (perhaps more recognizable as blocks) and humming ice cream truck music.  Kale salad went uneaten, book unread, and sweater remained unknit.  Mother life!
"Girl" by Galen, age 11
"On the first day of Christmas my tuna gave to me: five chickens dancing in a pear tree!"
All Halloween related sewing details are now up on my blog and this is the last post I'm going to do about it here, I promise!