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Knitter, seamstress, gardener, homeschooling mother of 5 - living, loving, and learning in the mountains of New England.

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This week’s #sunday_bouquet is all sweet summer.
Simple and delicious meals are so satisfying.
Steve’s birthday is at the end of the month.  We’re supposed to be going on a date, just the two of us.  I’ve quietly been working on a new dress to wear, in a style he would appreciate, as a surprise.  I thought it was a sweet idea, but he may be less thrilled when he finds out that Seraphina has been telling everyone we know about daddy having a “secret dress”.
No longer a neutral, my Find Your Fade is now finding it’s colors.  #findyourfade #findyourfadeshawl
My feed is very green right now.  I guess it's that time of year!
A 3rd birthday sweater.  Due in March, finished in June, but still seeing a whole lot of wear due to this cool summer we’ve been having! Pattern: Sweet William #sweetwilliam #sweetwilliamsweater #knitpicks #knitpicksstroll
We found this ribbon at a sewing exchange the day after I finished her dress and thought it suited.  Rosebuds for my Mairi Rose.
I finally cleared off the top of my craft dresser and placed things that I love on top of it to remind me not to let it get cluttered again.  From left to right: photo of my grandparents, Steve and I on the day we were married, baby Iain, roses from my garden and a Polish pottery pitcher that was a gift from my neighbor.  The dresser itself has it's own grandmother found it on the side of the road when my mother was pregnant with me.  She took it home and fixed it up for me.  36 years later and it's still in daily use.  A couple of years ago I repainted it for the first time, refreshing it a bit.  Take that throw away culture!
A midsummer’s dress.  She picked the fabric from a bunch of vintage stuff that my mother-in-law sent, hard to tell here, but it's covered in little white flowers.  I made her a Sally Dress several years ago and she wore it all the time.  She still wears it, even though it doesn’t really fit anymore.  Time for an update.  #sallydress #veryshannon
This week’s fresh from the garden bouquet is all frothy and light. #sunday_bouquet
Three sweaters on needles right now, all of them are at the sleeve stage.  So what do I do?  Cast on for another shawl.  Even though I’ve made myself two new shawls in the last year.  Hi, my name is Melody and I am an irresponsible knitter.  So far my Find Your Fade is very neutral, but color is coming soon.  #findyourfade  #findyourfadeshawl
The sweetest package arrived.