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Knitter, seamstress, gardener, homeschooling mother of 5 - living, loving, and learning in the mountains of New England.

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I finally finished a blog post, and a very long one at that.  There has just been so much going on.
We've been together for 19 years and married almost as long, but we didn't have a wedding until 4 years ago today.
She is very interested in the shawl I'm knitting for myself and demanded that I knit her a shawl as well.  I pointed out that she already has two shawls- one that I made specifically for her and one a hand-me-down from her sister.  Since then she has been asking to wear one or the other almost every day.
Today's forecast: coughing, sometimes heavy and violent.  Chances: 100%  Light knitting can be expected throughout the day with a chance of sewing in the afternoon.
15 on the 15th, wearing the new shirt he just made himself.
Mother’s Day 2009.  Feeling nostalgic tonight.  The older kids watched the younger while Steve and I went to this same garden center alone this year.  It was everyone’s gift to me.  And it’s true that I really needed a break from being a parent on-call at all times.  It was nice, it really was, but at the same time I found myself sort of sad.  Times are changing.  I’ll never have this right here again.
Mother’s Day flowers and my gardening journal.  We woke up to a coating of snow on Mother’s Day.  At least it was still spring-like inside.  #sunday_bouquet
2017 will forever be known as the year that the birthday sweater system completely fell apart and nearly cured me of knitting.  It finally happened.  I met a sweater that I hated knitting, just at the point when I decided to show some maturity and commit to finishing projects before moving on to others.  In an act unprecedented in the last decade, I put down my needles in distaste.  And so it remained for months.  In truth I also think that deep down I really needed to actually sit still from time to time.  There isn’t nearly enough stillness in my life.  But I’ve eased my way back, first by adding several inches to this long term scrap blanket and then spiraling out to other projects and near constant needle work.  Welcome back my beloved wool!  I’ve missed you so.
Seriously now, where did my little baby go?!?
Wait a minute...wasn't my own prom just like a year or two ago?  What's that you say?? Really, it's been *that* long???
This photo was taken a couple of hours before Miss Pecks-a-lot, the most beloved of our hens, went missing.  I was holding out hope that somehow she would show up, hanging around the coop this morning, but no such luck.  This house is going to be full of teary-eyed children today.
Galen and Elijah made soap in chemistry.  He was the only kid who showed up to class with pockets full of essential oils.  #mylittlescientist