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this was like 2 yrs ago
congrats on turning 16 !!!!!!!!
this park is so beautiful,, i didnt know about it even though its only 10 mins from where i live and now i am absolutely in LOVE with it
really nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss sarah 2.0
i wanna b quadripedal and have wings spanning 3 metres
thanks @tollkien for helping me begin my career as a plant model
just started american gods and it is very intriguing , i really like the artsy sensory zooms, but the blood is a little bit too much
e foi assim que eu vi que a vida colocou ela pra mim ali naquela sexta feira de fevereiro
i drove up high to look at the full moon and i think im gonna do this more often, its very spiritually soothing
why do we look like an old married couple who met in our rebellious teen years
is it possible to marry a house?
catch me partying with camus and having late night talks with nietzsche