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The best kosher food since ‘88 ‼️
Glatt Kosher Deli in NYC

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Hope you know we have the best #Kugel in town 💥
Pre- Shabbat Israeli Feast 😋
We all know that edible roses are the best 🌹 #PastramiPlatters
Rosh Hashana staples 🙌🏻 #BrisketAndKugel
No one does a fish spread quite like @mendysnyc #RoshHashanaMenu 🙌🏻Have you placed your order yet? ⏳
‘aint nothing like the perfect drip shot 👌🏻Our #StuffedCabbage is a MUST for your Rosh Hashana meal ⚡️⚡️ #OrderNow #MakeBubbyProud
Gearing up for our Rosh Hashana take-out menu 🙌🏻 Best stuffed cabbage in NYC 💥Have you placed your order?
We hope your dinner plans look this good 😏✨
Lunch goals 🤙🏻
Ahhhh... that first spoon-full of matzah bowl soup 🍲 Have you stopped in for this week SPECIALS? 💥#YouWontRegretIt { Original Seinfeld’s Soup And A Half Sandwich Special }
You don’t want to miss this one ☝️ Our original Soup-and-a-Half Sandwhich combo is just $8.95 this week #LikeTheGoodOldDays 🙌🏻
Roll-Back pricing SPECIAL continues
Monday, Aug 27th...