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#Menottis Coffee Stop. Open 7AM to 6PM
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You’re almost there, straight ahead and to the left ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
Thank you Moms. We love you ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
Once it hits your lips ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis #MNOTTIS 🚐☕️✨ coming to your 🎥 shoot, festival, office party, family jam sooon
Cortado or Cold Brew? ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis #MenottisMutts @smedley_the_frenchie
Ready for the weekend ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis 📸 @denisevasi ✨
Favorite? Name them all ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
And another Vegan Spanish Latte saves the day ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis VSL ฿Ƀ
All smiles, Weekend 2, see you soon ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
Thank you for an awesome weekend one @coachella  See you in Venice this week? Or back for weekend 2? ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
Friends, tune in to @square ‘s instagram, having some fun over there today @coachella  stay hydrated! ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis
Are you ready @coachella ? Here we are last year, excited to see you again this year in the Main VIP ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis #eatatcoachella don’t forget your bandana, it’s windy 🌬
Name that drink ☕️❤️☕️ #Menottis