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Oh my goodness, this place is INCREDIBLE! I sent nothing, my feet and skin hurt, and I cannot wait to get back out tomorrow! #redrocks #bouldering
Spending my Sunday morning repotting plants I don’t have room for... #apartmentgardening #toomanyplants #iwantagarden
To say I’m obsessed with this girl is a CLASSIC understatement. Happy birthday @tiffanyjo.tjkb !!!
When you use your lunch break for a girls date! #manicure #squirrelfingers @shortney318
To say we do Valentines Day low-key is an understatement. I love our tradition of staying in and doing a romantic dinner at home. This year, it was the ever-popular, super sexy beef stew. Yeah, I know how to keep things fresh. Ben, I love you for so many reasons, one of them being that we can spend Valentines Day rewatching Harry Potter movies.
Snowy Sunday! ❄️
I love Wisconsin. It’s not that we need an excuse to drink, it’s more like, we’re going to be drinking so let’s do something fun with it. #mittenfest #milwaukee #wisconsin #winter
When you ask a drunk person to take your photo... #mittenfest #milwaukee #wisconsin #winter
We had so much fun at the dental school gala last night! Holy cats, we danced for hours, ate a fabulous meal, and spent the evening with some of my favorite people! #hollywoodtheme #gala #dentallife
My husband overheard someone say the other day, “People who say the mountains are the most beautiful place to be have never spent anytime in the Wisconsin north woods.” And while I️ love the mountains, I️ never feel more peaceful and at home than I️ do when I’m in Up North.
It’s raining outside, there’s a cold spell coming this week, I’m so happy it’s fall and I can’t stop knitting!