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My husband overheard someone say the other day, “People who say the mountains are the most beautiful place to be have never spent anytime in the Wisconsin north woods.” And while I️ love the mountains, I️ never feel more peaceful and at home than I️ do when I’m in Up North.
It’s raining outside, there’s a cold spell coming this week, I’m so happy it’s fall and I can’t stop knitting!
I arm knit my first blanket! And it only one hour to make! I’m so excited about this. Knitting is so hard for me because I hate how long it takes to see your progress. My patience level hasn’t really improved since I was a child... but this blanket makes me feel like I made something remarkable in one evening!
Like uncle, like nephew. Happy birthday, Arlo! #birthdaycake
Rainy wedding day in Downtown Wausau.  But that’s okay, don’t they say that it’s actually good luck if it rains at your wedding?
Which shade of nude should I wear to a wedding.... #choices #ihaveaproblem
Happy #Hampton morning! #hotellife ☕️
Who said #whole30 was hard? Oh yeah, me. But it helps when you can find a restaurant that will accommodate for any dietary restrictions! Ben and I enjoyed an incredible steak with the most delicious assortment of mushrooms I've ever had! My new favorite food might be lions mane mushrooms... truly. Thank you, #themint in La Crosse!
Monday my husband and I are starting #whole30  and I'm trying to prep. I'm super overwhelmed, a little terrified but also very excited. I've heard amazing things about this program and the both of us are anxious so see and feel the results for ourselves. What better movie to watch when you're feeling a bit #clueless ? Also, if any of you have helpful hints, tips for success, or recipes you fell in love with, please share!
It's the last first day of school for this guy! I really can't believe he only has 8 months left... Where have these years gone?! 😲😭 #proudwife #dentalschool #marquetteuniversity
Spending our night on the #milwaukeeriver