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I am a model/cosplayer and seamstress mainly focusing on vintage styles from the 20th century.

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We bought a #stocking for our pupper this weekend. Tag placement caused a problem, but I fixed it for our #goodruppy. #embroidery
Progress pic.
Starting a new project because I need more of those.
Someone's jealous of the crochet.
Working on #crocheting a #purse. Thinking about making a couple more.
#crocheting a new #stuffedanimal. I'm excited to be working on stuff for my #Etsy.
Finally working on candy pill box hats like I've said I'd do on my Etsy for a year now.
Finally polkadot free.
The things you do for costumes. #burlesquelife
Another one joins the herd. #MerryMsMaryCreations
Pretty much got this little dude done tonight. He still needs a face, but I didn't want to fish for black yarn. He'll be up over on my Etsy store #MerryMsMaryCreations with some friends next month after I give it an overhaul.
More pinning yesterday. I'm now officially working on three dresses. Luckily only one of them is needed next month. This one is a dress and jacket combo for Ren Fair. Hopefully I'll get it done in time.