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Happy 150th, Canada!
Time's standing still
Blocked out the heaven's will
In the end, we've got nowhere to hide
We pretend there is no other side
And everything we own is not everything we are
With every word we breathe, we live
We live again
See the black clouds fall out of fear
Feel it rise up in perfect darkness
Let your hair down
It's time to be enchanted
You're a deep sea diver
Tides are turning in your favour
Keep your lines on the shore
Carry on in the life you know
We were born to be alive
Not just someone else's bones
Darkness falls and kills the light
Don't surrender, be alright
All our ways were paved with gold
But built upon the sand
And we could climb above the water
And rest upon the land
There is a sun that I belong to
There hangs a light that comes and shines upon you
They're of the warmth, they're reminders of youth
Close the door when they come in
They can feel their whole world spin